November 2010 in Review

3rd – Lydia tucked in her doggy and then gave him a kiss and hug.

4th – Lydia climbed up on me and sat on my back (I thought she was being fun and cuddly) then she took the ipod touch out of my back pocket and started playing with it.

6th – Lydia piled Aaron up with stuffed animals.

7th – John flipped over the bench and he and Lyddie made a bed with it.

8th – John had thrown hay in the house, so I made him clean it up with the vacuum. He had a great time watching the pieces of hay get sucked in by the hose.

John said, “Daddy you’re my friend.”

9th – My alarm clock is the pitter patter of little feet!

11th – Earlier tonight Lydia bit John. Once he was done crying he said, “I not lunch! I a boy.”

12th – After putting the kids to bed John came out of the room holding himself (he had to go potty.) Lydia, then followed John holding herself. Aaron and I cracked up laughing and she immediately went galloping off like a little pony.

16th – Lydia laid her pony down on a bed of canned tuna and laid a wipe over her for a blanket.

17th – Lydia comes in, “Yeeyee need help mommy!” I was amazed at the great communication. John, who had had a small accident had taken off his pants, put them in the laundry and gotten new pants and underwear out of his closet.

18th – 22nd – Aaron’s best friend from high school came by for a visit before shipping off to Japan. We had a great time with Stuart!

21st – First big snow! John (on the way to preschool) ran out into the 6 inches of snow to make a snowball!

22nd – Oh my goodness, break my heart! John just called me to the room he’s watching Toy Story … He looks all sad and says, ” Buzz Lightyear lost all his friends.” Sticking out his puppydog lip. Buzz tries to escape the house by flying, falls on the ground and breaks his arm off (discovering he’s a toy). And John starts crying during the scene.

23rd – I bought some flowers for Thanksgiving. While I was in the shower Lydia picked a certain kind off of the bouquet. When I found her she had put them in a cup and was filling it with water. Her love for flowers is pretty cute!

Seeing my car covered in snow Lydia said, “Mommy, car is sad.

24th – Took John sledding. He LOVED it!

25th – Enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with Ken Rice and his family.

27th – Started putting up the Christmas tree and John was so excited to put on his “favorites” (aka ornaments). We had some friends come over, including John’s friend, Tyler. While Adrienne and I were in the kitchen finishing dinner John, Tyler, and Lydia put all the favorites on the tree. The tree was pretty darn adorable, with the top not yet fixed (fake tree) and all the ornaments on the bottom part.

29th – I love baking with John.