December 2010 in Review

12/1 – My kids throw back medicine like candy.

12/4 – “I have a perfect smile.” – John

12/5 – Aaron spends over an hour making 7 comments on a friend’s Facebook funny picture of their baby.

12/6 – “I don’t like pants. I just like underwear.” – John

12/7 – Lydia’s a girl after a college-kid’s heart… eating cold pizza for breakfast.

12/9 – Dropped Aaron off at the airport, came back and balled my eyes out to Toy Story 3.

12/10 – Took the kids to my work party. My boss ended up giving them paint and a harmonica as their presents. … Thanks Angie.

12/13 – Aaron woke up to Lydia putting change in a airline peanut bag.

12/15 – Apparently Mary and the wise men share a hobby of climbing trees, per my Little People Nativity.

12/17 – Family time at Chick-fil-a.

12/18 – John was playing in the toy box and hurt his finger. I think it was pinched when he tried to close it. I got him a bandaide. Lydia’s response was to go to the toy box, get in, come back and out and ask for a band-aid. When I said no, she went back to the toy box, started whimpering, then came back and asked for a band-aid, showing me her “hurt” finger. She’s pretty quick!

12/22 – Took the kids on a Provo river “boat” ride to the Christmas lights.

12/24 – Aaron and I play Santa for the first time. 🙂

12/26-12/31 – Family spent a week sick in bed almost all week.  Super nasty stuff. But showed sweet love and caring for each other.


2010 Christmas Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

First let me apologize for writing a blog post instead of sending a letter. I love snail mail too much to do this on a regular basis, but not traveling this Christmas season has completely thrown me off my game! 🙂 Other than that we’ve had a great year and look forward to celebrating Christmas close to home.

Lydia (2 years old)

Lydia turned two this past year in May and is completely filling her role as little sister. She talks more than John did at her age, which always surprises me, but uses this talent to start arguments. For example: John loves to know what direction we’re going to turn. So, here would be a conversation in our car.

John: Which way Mommy?

Me: We’re going to turn left.

John: We’re going to turn left?

Me: Yes.

Lydia: No, right!

John: No, left!

Lydia: NO, right!

John: NO Left!

Well, you get the point! At that point mommy starts to get a little crazy! 🙂 Anyhow, she’s a wonderful, beautiful little girl. She squeals and laughs easily, and LOVES to play with and be like her big brother John, except for the whole potty thing, much to her mommy’s chagrin. She loves to jump, and bounce, and wiggle, and run, and twirl, and move, especially when the music comes on. Her favorite song is We Will Rock You, and she loves the color red and balloons.

John Caleb (4 years old)

John has grown so much in the past year. A year ago, we were still slightly worried about his slow speech development. However the funny antics of my three-year-old turned into the funny sayings of my four-year-old. Now, he’s speaking in full sentences… and non-stop, might I add! He’s been very blessed by a new family that has joined our church, in that while he has several little friends, he seemed to just click with his new friend Tyler. They both LOVE each other and their mothers are more than happy to accommodate a play date! 🙂

John and Lydia were also given the award Cutest Ring-bearer and Flower Girl of 2010 (well, at least by their mother). They were asked to be in Aaron’s brother, Phillip’s wedding on October 9th. John did a wonderful  job of taking the pillow to Uncle Phill, but in the end Lydia was more concerned about walking away from mommy’s iPod touch than throwing flowers down the aisle for Aunt Laura (Phillip’s bride)! But, it was still pretty dang cute!

Phillip and Laura's wedding

Aaron is still working for a local company and loves his job and enjoys the company and co-workers. He was blessed to be able to take a 20% pay cut (made up through generous supporters) so he could take Friday’s off and instead work on misc. ministry things. He is still very involved with Mormonism Research Ministry, and also a bit with He’s also been working on a project throughout the year, and has continued his Thursday night outings to Temple Square. He is also excited about the launch of in January.

I am still working with the youth group at church and enjoying my time with the teenagers. The group has grown from about 10 to about 25 throughout the past (almost) 2 years. It’s been exciting to watch it grow, but we’ve also been experiencing some growing pains. I also started working at a local hotel as a banquet server in August. It has turned out to be the perfect job, as the pay is great, the hours are flexible, and it is very part-time. In a month, I work on average about 4-5 days. So, it’s not too demanding, but the extra money is nice.

Bear Lake Camping Trip

Maybe one last noteworthy comment, is that we took a family camping trip to Bear Lake this summer. We had a great time just spending time together. Maybe it’s only noteworthy because we rode a bicycle (ok a quadcycle?) built for four and it’s a fun picture to add of the family! 😉