December 2010 in Review

12/1 – My kids throw back medicine like candy.

12/4 – “I have a perfect smile.” – John

12/5 – Aaron spends over an hour making 7 comments on a friend’s Facebook funny picture of their baby.

12/6 – “I don’t like pants. I just like underwear.” – John

12/7 – Lydia’s a girl after a college-kid’s heart… eating cold pizza for breakfast.

12/9 – Dropped Aaron off at the airport, came back and balled my eyes out to Toy Story 3.

12/10 – Took the kids to my work party. My boss ended up giving them paint and a harmonica as their presents. … Thanks Angie.

12/13 – Aaron woke up to Lydia putting change in a airline peanut bag.

12/15 – Apparently Mary and the wise men share a hobby of climbing trees, per my Little People Nativity.

12/17 – Family time at Chick-fil-a.

12/18 – John was playing in the toy box and hurt his finger. I think it was pinched when he tried to close it. I got him a bandaide. Lydia’s response was to go to the toy box, get in, come back and out and ask for a band-aid. When I said no, she went back to the toy box, started whimpering, then came back and asked for a band-aid, showing me her “hurt” finger. She’s pretty quick!

12/22 – Took the kids on a Provo river “boat” ride to the Christmas lights.

12/24 – Aaron and I play Santa for the first time. 🙂

12/26-12/31 – Family spent a week sick in bed almost all week.  Super nasty stuff. But showed sweet love and caring for each other.


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