National Lampoon’s Pajama Party

This pajama party was just a fun time and good memories.

So, my mom and I decided to go ahead and give my kids a bath before the pajama party since they hadn’t had one in the previous few days. However, because I usually give my kids a bath right before bed time, they were very concerned that they had to put on their pajamas instead of clothes. (Their clothes were sandy and I didn’t want to bother with a whole new outfit.) So, I explained to John that his cousins were coming over and that we’d put them in their pajamas as soon as they got here so that we could have a pajama party.

In comes Liza-Hill, Breck, Shepley, Cama-Jane, and even Cedar, for a few hours.  John takes Shepley by the hand and says, “Shepley!  I’m so proud you’re here! Let’s go put on your pajamas.” Well, neither Cama-Jane or Shepley had pajamas with them. Not a problem for CJ, she’s 3 and some of Lydia’s pj’s are 3T because they’re hand-me-downs. So, now the only problem was Shepley didn’t have pj’s. Even though she’s 1 1/2 years older than John, they’re about the same height. So, I asked if she’d be willing to wear John’s pj’s. She wouldn’t go for it. Even for just a picture. She didn’t want to be laughed at. We promised no one would laugh, but she still wouldn’t go for it.

I ended up giving her a different pair of Lydia’s pj’s that were 3T. Well, she gets changed and I walked into the tv room and literally point and laugh at her! Oh my word. She looked cute the pants were capris and the top barely covered her tummy. I can’t believe I laughed at her, I felt so bad. I apologized, but she wasn’t happy with me.

We finally get the kids sitting around the table to eat a spaghetti dinner… which they had last night. After dinner we try and round up the kids and get them on the couch for a picture. “Do you want to watch Curious George?” “YEAH!” “Then you have to take the picture.” Finally we get it done.

Time for the movie!

Where’s the movie?!

Finally… YAY! Liza-Hill found the movie! She’s the hero!

Put the movie in.

Where’s the remote?!

Finally… YAY! Omi found the remote!

The remote won’t work.

Ok, it works. And the much anticipated Curious George 2 (or Serious George, according to my dad) starts. But it was the WORST DVD. It kept stopping and skipping and everything else. The kids were frustrated. “It stopped!” “Uh-oh” “It’s scratched” “Omi! It doesn’t work!” etc. etc. But we finally finished it, and enjoyed it for the most part.

After the movie, and Cedar left, we got the kids in bed. And after lots of giggles, bathroom breaks, and shushing the kids finally fell asleep.

It was a lot of fun, but the next morning stated WAY too early! 🙂



3 thoughts on “National Lampoon’s Pajama Party

  1. Oh no! I didn’t hear about the part where Shepley got laughed at in her pajamas! 🙂 Not a good thing for Shepley. She can’t even handle me saying “You’re so funny” when she says something cute. She’s so like Trand it’s amazing!!

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