February 9th 2011

Simple things that happened on this day.

**I was excited to see 6 rotten bananas at work.

“oooo Banana bread!”

coworker chef: “Huh. Oh those will be thrown out.”

“Really? Can I take them home and make banana bread?”

coworker: “Someone will take them home or they’ll be thrown out. You might as well take them.”

WOOOOHOOO! That’s 3 loaves of banana bread.


**I saw that my friend had a Google OS computer. I was surprised thinking they hadn’t come out yet. Man! I was jealous. Aaron and I had both signed up for the free beta computer in exchange for our opinion about the thing. Not kidding, 15 minutes later there’s a knock on our door from the UPS guy. It was a package for Aaron. John desperately wanted to open the package, and so I had him call daddy and ask. Of course Aaron said we could open it.

So, I got a knife and cut the tape and opened it up. Within the box was another box that looked like a computer box. Don’t ask me why or how I know what a computer box looks like. Let’s just chalk it up to me be married to a computer nerd. Anyhow, I was VERY confused, since I knew Aaron wouldn’t order something like that without talking to me about it. Then I realize… It’s the GOOGLE OS COMPUTER! Holy cow! Aaron was chosen. And after seeing Sarah’s response to my comment on her status, sure enough Sarah was chosen for the beta computer too!

We are feeling so blessed and excited. A free laptop… who wouldn’t?!



**Last night I went to an open house for Monticello Academy, a local charter school. On the way home, waiting at the light to from the exit off the interstate Lydia could see the McDonald’s here’s the resulting conversation…

Lydia: I want French fries.

Me: You want French fries?

Lydia: Yep! And cookies!

Me: And cookies?!

Lydia: Yep! And juice! (Sprite)

Me: And juice?!

Lydia: Yep! And milk!

Me: Oh my word.

Now imagine it in her two-year-old voice and language… SOOOOO much cuter!


**When Lyddie and I got home. She walked up to daddy and started “spitting” (sticking out her tongue and blowing) in Aaron’s eye. It was a sign of affection for sure!



**Lydia has a princess chair that folds out to a bed. She loves it. Last night she wanted to sleep on it, but it usually stays in our room. So I told her she could take it to her room. She started to drag the end but was having trouble, so I enlisted John’s help. But he wanted the white blanket. I told him he could take that too. So he put the white blanket over his head and held one end of the bed while Lydia held the other end and carried it through the house… it was really cute! ๐Ÿ™‚


2/9/11 was a good day.


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