New Job *hopefully*

What in the world is going on?! I know a few months ago I had a lot of posts on Facebook about my new job. In August I started working at the Hilton Garden Inn as a banquet server. It’s a perfect job for me. Good money, limited hours, and VERY flexible schedule. I’ve really enjoyed working there and it’s really helped us pay down our debt.
And then only 6 months later I start talking about another job opportunity. What is going on? Well, I’m a stay-at-home mom and I love it. But as my son heads into Kindergarten this fall, I started thinking about schools and education. We landed on sending John to a local charter school. However, the problem is that only 25-50% of those that apply to these schools are chosen through the lottery system. Our first choice, especially, had a low chance of John being picked in the lottery, [In fact I just found out that he was not picked.] but because they are not federally funded they can offer priority enrollment to part-time employees. So… I applied to be a group instructor. (Part of what I like about the school is that for reading, writing, and math students are put in groups of 4-8 students based on ability, rather than age or grade. To do this they need a lot of group instructors.) If I am hired than a year of teaching will secure not only John a position at the school but also Lydia and any other child we *hopefully* adopt. But before they hire you they
have you do a week of training and then observe how you teach the class.
So, this week has been my week of training. They use direct instruction approach as well as scripts for teachers. This experience as a scripted, reading, group teacher has been completely different from my time in the high school math classroom, but I do think it’s been going well. My training teacher has been very encouraging and assures me I’m a natural at this. At first I felt like the script would feel restrictive. On the contrary, the script really is simply the lesson and you’re just teaching though the lesson, explaining something that needs more explanation and moving on if the students have a good grasp on something.
Tomorrow is my “audition.” At this point in time I’m feeling pretty confident, but I will be practicing tonight (with my script) and I’m sure my nerves will be overwhelming tomorrow (Friday) as I wake up and make my way to the charter school. So, prayers are appreciated. 🙂
Update: Friday, March 4, 2011
So my evaluation went well today. Basically they told me the only thing I didn’t do well with was giving the kids enough praise. Mainly the kids came in so quietly and immediately sat down and opened their books and I should have been enthusiastically praising of the kids. They’re right. I totally should have. They chalked it up to inexperience and being nervous. Honestly though I was so SHOCKED by just how well behaved the kids were I didn’t know what to do with myself. 🙂 I think my training teacher prepped them before they walked in the classroom.
Anyhow, when I first corresponded with the main woman in charge, I was told that there were positions available to start now, and that it would give me an edge because the fall positions will be very competitive to get. This brought up questions of, “Well, if I started now, does that mean I just work to the end of the school year, a calendar year or the end of the school year in 2012?” She told me she’d explain all that after my training.
So, after having me wait for 15 minutes, of which I was nauseous. They explained that even if I was hired for the position right now, that I would not be guaranteed that I’d be hired back in the fall. And in order for John to get priority enrollment I’d have to be working that school year. So they didn’t want to hire me now, and that’s fine with me. However, I wasn’t hired for the fall either. They won’t be making those decisions until the summer. BUT, they said that by me coming in and doing training I distinguished myself among the over 100 other candidates, into the top 25.  They also seemed very excited about my ability to be able to help with the junior high math students (rather than the kindergartener specialist, which is basically what most people like me would try to be hired as.)
So, in the end I was confident in how I did this morning. And because of the advantage my math background gives me, I feel like I’m more likely to get hired than not. I also think it works to my advantage that I’m not bringing a trainload of kids that they’d have to find room for. We shall see. In the mean time I’m waiting to hear about the lottery from 4 more schools, and if none of those come through than I will plan on homeschooling John until I hear otherwise about this position.

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