Close to six years ago now, my first pregnant friend introduced me to the concept of DIPS (Dumbness in Pregnancy Syndrome). She explained that when you’re pregnant you simply, well, loose your mind a little bit. Not in a psycho way, but in a forgetfulness way. Silly things like putting your phone in the fridge, wearing different colored shoes, or not putting the emergency brake on in your manual shift car before getting out. Her doctor was the one that introduced the name for the concept. A few months later when I learned I was pregnant and started having these same symptoms I was glad for the acronym.

What no one ever told me (or her, I’m assuming) was that DIPS does not get resolved at the birth of your child. Oh no, I’m becoming convinced that DIPS is simply the onset of DIMS (Dumbness in Motherhood Syndrome). Seriously, there are days where I do things or think things and think, “Oh that’s a DIPS moment… but I’m not pregnant.” So, yes I am convinced that the actual “disease” is called DIMS the onset of which is pregnancy.

Why bring this up, you might ask? Well, yesterday I was peeling carrots with my handy-dandy peeler. Thinking to myself I love this thing. I love how I can peel the carrot’s skin and not have to worry about scrubbing it down. The outside layer just easily slices away. Stay with me here. Carrots are a root vegetable and so are potatoes. I bet this peeler would work on potatoes too! Why hasn’t anyone ever thought to use this tool on potatoes?! … Wait for it … Oh my word, I’m such an idiot! 

Now you may think, well we’ve all had dumb thoughts like that. While true (at least I’m hoping it’s not just me), I find that I can’t remember doing or thinking hair-brained things before I had children. Maybe they happened but were far and few between. I’m not sure. All I know is that there are days that I really do feel like I’ve lost a little bit of brain cells.

Now, I also must add the disclaimer that my children are completely and totally and thoroughly worth every last brain cell that I have lost! 🙂

PS I love and miss you Abby Garman!!!!


2 thoughts on “DIMS

  1. I love and miss you too! WIth Levi one of the nurses told me that you lose brains cells with each placenta. 🙂 I am so with you. There are times my brain just doesn’t work.

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