My Lyddiebug Turns Three

My precious Lyddiebug

My daughter is three today. She is an adorable little girl with rosy red lips, big, brown eyes, and bouncing, blonde curls.

She doesn’t walk from point A to point B. No, she skips, jumps, hops, turns, crawls, gallops, wiggles, runs, twirls, dances or takes detours. After all, what’s the fun of walking?

She loves to pretend shes a dog or a horse. She loves to push anything from a doll or stuffed animal to paper or crayons in her stroller. She’ll put her animals or dolls almost anywhere, but always makes sure they are covered with a “blanket”.

Speaking of crayons and markers… Our walls are covered with colorful mosaics done in two-year-old style. And whenever I’m able to clean up one wall, it seems like another mosaic on another wall appears. Maybe she’ll be an artist who paints murals.

She has the tender heart and compassion of an adult and has comforted me in my tears with hugs, rubs on the back and words of encouragement. She will always make sure her brother is ok if he’s taken a tumble and is fiercely protective.

She also has gained an incredible sense of property and is extremely concerned if someone else begins to play with even a long-forgotten toy.

She’s independent and she’s sneaky. She’ll even tell Aaron and me to “go way” if she wants to do something she knows she shouldn’t. Or if it’s morning and we’re still in bed she’ll try to shut our door. She’s also been known to hide under blankets with contraband (i.e. daddy’s iPod) or hide something behind her back as she slowly side-steps through the living room (where we’re sitting) thinking she can sneak something past us.

She is also a wiggler. It’s hard to ever get her to stop moving. She’ll dance, or wiggle her tushy, or move her feet, bop her head, anything she can get away with moving, she will.

She also has an “angry” face that can make me laugh. And drama-queen like tantrums that have me hiding my smile in the midst of discipline. She is her own person and is very independent. At the same time, she likes to try to keep up with her big brother yeeyee.

She talks a lot. And I absolute love how she says the words buckle, beautiful, and thank you.

She loves pink and she loves Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Abby from Seasame Street.

And she LOVES shoes.

Oh and lest we forget the antics of our two-year-old wanting to always sleep in mommy and daddy’s room especially on her princess bed. She says she’s scared of her room or of Yeeyee or even of her sleeping bag. She’s a sweet, silly, little thing that just wants to be close to her mommy and daddy.

This is my now three-year-old little girl who I call baby. And even when she insists she’s a big girl, I always insist that she will always be my baby.


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