Spring for Susannah by Catherine Richmond

Spring for Susannah takes place in the Dakota territory after the Civil War. Susannah being introduced to Jesse (her friend’s brother-in-law) through letters and with no other prospects in life heads to the Dakota territory to marry him. The book outlines their joys and sorrows through their few couple years of marriage.

I have had a hard time putting into words how I felt about this book. I liked the book and loved the growth of Susannah’s character. I loved the other characters in the book and the experiences they shared. Throughout the first half of the book, however, there was a lot of sexual references. Nothing inappropriate, but I wouldn’t feel free recommending the book to a friend who was single. As I loved the story and the characters more and more I was disappointed in the abrupt ending. I wish the author would have continued for a few more chapters or at least an epilogue. However, I’ll freely admit I like my stories to end with a nice red bow!

Disclaimer: I was given this book for free from booksneeze.com for my honest review.

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