The Church is Like… A Hotel?

Before you throw stones at me and deem me a heretic hear me out. 🙂

In 1 Corinthians 12 Paul talks about followers of Christ belonging together as a body. A body that has many members that each have their own “jobs” or gifts. I love that analogy. Some people act as the brain, or mouth, ears, heart, hands, knees, or feet. We each have different personalities, gifts, passions, backgrounds and even baggage that leads us to be molded into a hand rather than a foot or a brain rather than an ear.

When I first started working at my hotel, I remember thinking that, in a sense, it runs like a well-oiled machine… (or body, if you will.) Each person was hired to do an individual job, and their job helps others do their jobs. I was hired to be a banquet server. I wasn’t hired to do dishes, but I’m grateful to the person who is, because that makes it possible for me to do my job… to do my part in running the hotel.

Well, a few weeks ago we had a huge conference come in for two full weeks. The banquet people were basically serving about 150 – 200 people, depending on the day. Since I don’t work often, my first day was a couple days into the event. I was surprised to find one of our front desk employees in the kitchen chopping vegetables and washing dishes. He explained that he was just working in the kitchen because they needed him to.

Throughout the next two weeks as I watched our accountant help clean tables, or front desk people chop veggies, or the General Manager help with the food prep I was struck by how much the body of Christ is like a hotel. Not only are each of us hired for a specific job, but if someone else needs help, we help, regardless of our job description. Why? Because we have one goal: To make our hotel stand out to our customers and give them a good experience, so that they will return, bringing us continued revenue (and jobs!)

So, as a member of the body of Christ, if I’m an ear, I’m no less important then a foot, nor is a hand less important than a brain. We each have been given “jobs” to do. But at the same time sometimes there’s a need, the foot is getting extra busy so the brain comes to help, or the body needs more than two hands for a time and the ears jump in to help. Why? Because we all have a common goal: To glorify God and to be the body (the arms that hug, the feet that bring food, the mouth that speaks) of Christ on earth.


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