John’s Preschool Graduation

I know I know, this post is long overdue… almost a month late, but it’s been a busy couple of months for us. Anyhow, on May 16th John had his preschool graduation ceremony. I was SOOOOOOOO proud of him. I talked to him for weeks about how mommy wanted him to be big boy and sit up front and sing the songs for Mommy and Daddy and that Omi and Papa would be there

In his cap and gown.

too. And he did GREAT! He did all the hand motions (including the 3-2-1 count down his teacher was doing) and sang all the songs. Below is his picture and a video of the ceremony. Also, the director of the school writes a poem about each of the kids and the following is John’s:

God has created each of us so that

He could come into relationship with us.

We praise Him for bringing John to us

and establishing just that.

Miss Carla is John’s buddy, and he

Loves to always sit by her. John also loves

to play trains with Jasmine,

he’s grown up a lot this year.

While sitting on the rug one day,

John told Miss Robin that his house needs

another baby sister.

John is even hoping Jesus will answer his prayer.

John has grown by leaps and bounds

he’s working hard at learning all he needs to know.

But more important is John knowing and believing

that God is always with him, wherever he may go.

So, I didn’t know about the whole baby sister thing, and I was just about in tears. Ok, I may have cried a few anyway. 🙂

I can’t believe what a big boy he’s getting to be. He’ll soon turn five and I just can’t believe it!


One thought on “John’s Preschool Graduation

  1. WHAT ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL THINGS TO BE LEARNING IN SCHOOL! Most kids go to school their whole lives without being taught the gospel – the lessons that can last an eternity!

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