John, My Little Five-Year-Old

My son John turns five today. His birthdays are always a time of unbelief. How could I have a FIVE-year-old? Where did the time go?

He’s a precious little boy with a tender heart and a big belly laugh. He LOVES to play games. Any kind of games: Board games, computer games, group games. He has become very competitive with Lydia but has also learned to strategize so that he can win. He has his own logic…

My little five-year-old

“Why is your race car in the refrigerator?”

“Because I want it cold.”

I mean, who can argue with logic like that?

His best friend is Tyler, but also loves to play with David, James, Jonah, and Chloe. He loves their little sisters too… the babies. He loves babies and has told me on a few occasions that we need to have a baby in the house. He is a good big brother and he’d be the best big brother to a baby! He’s so gentle and loving with them.

He is a superstar at memorizing verses and catechisms. He loves to sing songs and make up new ones. He can read and is very proud of himself, and often asks what words say on signs around town, while we’re driving in the car. He is very happy and bubbly and gets excited over everything.

He loves planes, trains, and automobiles! 🙂 As well as dinosaurs and Toy Story. He gives good hugs and kisses and tells us that he loves us. He loves to draw and learn to write. He especially loves his Bobby! A new love is learning to fish with daddy, which had him practicing day and night with his Buzz Lightyear fishing pole in our back yard and off the front porch!

Sitting in his window

He had his first birthday party with friends. He wanted a DINOSAUR party with a dinosaur cake. So, that’s what we did. A deal on a bounce house and snow cone machine rounded out the fun. He had the BEST day. While munching on his cake he exclaimed, “This is the BEST birthday party ever!” Which of course made my heart melt and my lips smile. At the end of the party, we all got a super duper surprise because Omi and Papa surprised us!

He is my sweet, precious, effervescent, energetic, full-of-life, caring, loving, little FIVE-year-old boy.


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