Lydia Turns Four

Four Years Old

I couldn’t ask for a better picture to represent who Lydia is at this age!

1. She is ALWAYS moving; always in motion! If she’s not running, skipping, dancing, wiggling, twirling, scooting, or bouncing, then she’s talking a mile a minute! And if she’s not moving and it’s quiet… she’s sleeping.

2. Notice she’s wearing boots. Lydia LOVES shoes, but most of all boots. She’d wear winter snow boots in 100 degree weather if I didn’t put them away. More often then not when I ask her to get her shoes on she chooses one of her many pairs of boots.

3. Notice that she’s holding a stuffed animal. She loves animals, live and stuffed! Katrina got her one of those mechanical cats that looks like a stuffed animal but yet it meows, hisses, purrs, and moves. She loves having a kitty that is responsive. I have a feeling that once she’s living on her own she will have at least one pet!

The only thing missing from the picture that would add to who she is would have been a hat. She doesn’t really have any real hats, hats that match outfits or that are stylish. But, if she can get her hands on a ball cap, cow girl hat, her daddy’s fishing hat, a ski hat, or heck, even towel, she’ll put it on her head.

Otherwise my little girl love, love, loves princesses! One big thing she asked for was a princess doll with lots of pretty dresses and lots of shoes. And she wanted a scooter… specifically the princess scooter that she saw at

Mommy made a princess cake.

Target one day.

I also love listening to her talk. She has a unique accent and way of emphasizing different syllables. And like I said, she talks very fast, especially when she gets excited about something.

She’s very imaginative and comes up with different pretend scenarios for her animals, dolls, cars and even when she plays with her brother. Her best friend is Belle Richards. A few weeks ago when I was in the toddler nursery she and Belle found the two toy phones, sat on opposite sides of the room and talked to each other on the phone. Apparently it happens quite often and is absolutely adorable.

Lydia is also my social bug. She loves being the center of attention and has perfected the game of hard-to-get. She acts shy, unless no one is paying attention, then she teases and does whatever she can to get someone’s attention. She is an extrovert and has the most fun if other people are around. During the day, while John’s at school, she gets sad that she has no one to play with. I’ve also found out that her love language is touch. She wants to sit on my lap or hang around my neck like a monkey, or give hugs and kisses. She’s also very free with her, “Mommy, I love you.”  Her smile lights up the world and her eyes can melt your heart. She is one beautiful, happy, amazing little girl and I’m the most blessed mommy in the world because of her!


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