1000 Declutter Challenge

So I’ve been following the blog, Miss Minimalist, for a while now. I’m not as radical as some of the minimalists that she has had post for her real-life minimalist series or as radical as she is herself. However the blog is very motivating to live a less materialistic life. Also, living in a 1400 square foot house with a lot of junk leads to a very cluttered house. I’ve also learned that I get over stimulated visually and aurally. So, I’d really like to pare down my life.

With this in mind I’m giving myself a challenge this summer. My challenge is that I get rid of 1000 things in my house. And here are kind of the rules I’ve given myself.

1. I count everything I get rid of, no matter how small. This includes trash that is found under beds or behind furniture or something. So if I get rid of a toy that’s +1.

2. If I bring something into the house, it counts against me. When John gets a new toy for his birthday that will be a -1.

3. If I don’t want to count it as a -1 coming in, than I can’t count it as a +1. For instance, if I count a grocery bag going in the trash, then I’d have to count the grocery bag coming into the house. (However, hopefully I’ll remember my reusable bags more often!)

I think that’s about it except that my challenge to myself is to get rid of 1000 things before school starts. I’m not sure exactly how hard it will be, but I shall see! 🙂

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