Life Update

Wow! Other than book reviews I haven’t updated my blog since last summer. It doesn’t really surprise me, the school year was insanely busy for me.

Last year as August rolled in the first day of school, I went back to school as well. I applied for and got the job at APA, so that my son and (eventually) daughter could go to school there. My official title was “Specialist.” I worked for about 50 minutes in a Jr. high math study hall and did everything from copying papers and staring at the wall to grading and helping students. I really enjoyed this time. I loved working with the students and being in the classroom again.

This reignited my passion for math education, for teaching and for students. I decided it was time to pursue my teaching license again. I began the process in February and I just received news today that I have been granted my Utah teaching license. The process was somewhat complicated by the fact that I got my Alternative license in Ohio originally, and because I never applied for the Residential license, I technically didn’t finish the ARL program. So, I first had to apply for and receive my Ohio license before I could apply for my Utah license. I’m happy to say that I am now a licensed teacher in TWO states! 🙂

Anyhow, the second part of my job at APA was carpool duty. This meant keeping the kids out of trouble and making sure that the parents driving the cars followed the rules. This basically meant that pretty much EVERYONE hated me! Well, except for my partner in crime, Cindy, and the teachers who took their turns at car pool duty.

On top of working everyday at APA, my work schedule at the hotel also picked up. I was working 2-3 days a week at the hotel. The paychecks were nice, but it was hard to be so busy and away from my kiddos so much. Thankfully, Wendy watched my kids for me and took John to school when I had to work. On days that I did work at the hotel, I would be there from 6am to about 1:45pm when I went straight to the school. I would leave the school at around 4pm and take Ryder, a little boy in John’s class, home. So, there would be days when I would leave home at 5:45am and not return home for 11 hours. (And the only time I was sitting was when I was driving!) Those were long days!

John enjoyed Kindergarten a TON! He’s reading on a 1st/2nd grade level. His math has improved a lot this summer as he’s spent time doing his math work on the computer. John loves to learn and is totally the proverbial sponge, soaking up any and all knowledge! He’s very excited about getting a baby and desperately wants a brother. Everyday he asks God to give us a baby. I really hope that the Lord answers his prayers!

Lydia had kind of a tough year. We had to pull her out of preschool because it was hard for me to drive to one more place and she ended up missing a ton because of my work schedule. She’s also very social and loves attention, but with all the running around and work, she didn’t get the attention that she needs. We ended up going through a second stage of separation anxiety at church with nursery so for a few months she would sit with us during the sermon until she was bored enough to go into the nursery without clinging to me as one would cling to the side of a mountain. She’s doing much better now that summer is here and we’ve had lots of time to spend together and lots of time to play with John.

We’ve had a great summer so far. We’ve been lazy, we’ve played in the water, at the splash park, and on the trampoline. We’ve gone to the library and spent over an hour reading books in the shade of the tree behind the building. We’ve played with friends and John turned six. Next we’re planning on seeing both sides of our extended family. The kids can’t wait to see their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins!


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