Tales of Lyddie

Lydia has come up with some doozies lately! I only wish I wrote them down when they were more fresh in my head.

Tale #1

A couple of weeks ago we went to the library. It was a school night, but I told the kids that if they got in bed when we got home they could read their books. (John will stay up for hours if I let him take books to bed.)

Lydia said, “I want to play outside, mommy.”

“Well, you can play outside, but that means that you can’t have books in bed.” I told her.

“Ok, I’m going to play outside.”

“OK, but you can’t have books in bed.”

“But I want to play outside AND have books in bed.”

My little stinker-winker!

“No, sorry, sweetheart you can EITHER play outside OR have books in bed.”

“Ooooo mommy, that’s tricky. You shouldn’t trick me.”

“How did I trick you?”

“I want to play outside and read books. You tricked me.”

“And I said that you could play outside or read books.”

“Mommy God said. God said no tricking.”

“How did I trick you Lyddie?”

“God said no tricking mommy. You tricked me. God said.”

Smile, “But how did I trick you? I said that you could have books in bed OR play outside.”

“God said that you should play outside and that you should read books in bed. God said so mommy.”

She was very adamant in her position. “God said.”

Tale #2

It was morning. I had been working for a bit. John and Aaron had already left for the day. I came out of the office to get something in the kitchen. As I was talking to Lydia she I turned off the light in her bedroom. It was day time, so there was no need for the light to be on. However, Lydia felt differently. She told me, “Mommy, God said to have lights on in the morning, mommy, God said.”

“Really? God said for there to be lights on in the morning?”

“Yes, God said ….” This was kind of mumbled, but the gist was, “God said let there be light, and there was light and it was morning.”

Pretty smart little cookie if you ask me.

Tale #3

We have been having Lydia sleep in a separate room. We haven’t really made it hers yet, because we’re trying to adopt again but don’t know if it will be a baby or a toddler. But the kids sleep better if they are in separate rooms. Anyhow, Lydia loves the fan. We have this small space heater that pushes out hot or cold air. And so in the warm months when it’s pushing cold air, I’ll even find Lydia snuggled up to it. She’s a girl after my own heart! I love fans!

Back to the subject… Now that it’s getting colder, John needs to have a heater in our room (yes, our house is FREEZING, it’s very old).So, I finally bought a very similar fan unit for his room. When I brought it home and gave it to John, Lydia was upset that she didn’t get anything from the store that was new and she wanted the new fan. I said no, and set it up in John’s room.

Well, the next day I go into her room and see the NEW fan plugged in and being put to use. The old one however, she had put in John’s room and plugged it in… hoping no one would notice. When I pointed it out to Aaron, John overheard and promptly switched the fans. To which Lydia promptly switched them back. She was determined to have the new fan, but in the end Mommy and Daddy wanted John to have it, since he’d been asking for one for a while.

Tale #4

My parents sent me belated birthday cards. Each of the two cards had $32. (I turned 32.) One of them actually had 32 one dollar bills. My first thought was how sweet they were to provide for my McDonald’s Dr. Peppers. 🙂

Anyhow, Lydia, kind-heart that she is, brought her purse to me (the one you gave her Laura) and said, “Mommy, you can put your money in here so you don’t lose it.”

I responded, “Well thank you, but I’m afraid if I put it in your purse that YOU’D spend it all!”

She said, “Oh no mommy, I’ll give half to you and half to me! That’s a GREAT idea!” 🙂

Man! She is something else! 😀


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