Top Twenty Memories from California Disney

20. Meeting Mater! 

19. Lydia getting her caricature done. 

18. Playing Toy Story Mania with Lydia

 17. Aaron and I had awesome food and music for lunch at California Adventure.

16. California Screamin’ over and over until I was afraid going to lose my voice.

 15. Dad learning to trust Siri’s directions.

 14. Riding Big Thunder Mountain as a family.

 13. Watching John and Lydia wave at the characters in the parades.

12. Playing the energy game with John in Innovations.

11. Being the Astro Blaster champion even though Aaron tried to cheat. 

10. The fact that John and Lydia NEVER stood or sat still unless sleeping!!!

9. John loving Star Tours and building his own light saber.

8. John explaining why each building in Cars Land was important.

7. Watching Lydia’s face light up when she saw a character walk by. 

6. Mom and Dad playing Buzz’s Astro Blaster

5. Trying to squeeze all six of us in the tea cups. 

4. Joy of the swings over and over. 

3. Playing in thousands of bubbles from bubble guns. 

2. Ghirardelli ice cream, Lydia falling asleep, John and I watching fireworks while waiting for the Color of Wonder show

1. Belle coming out to personally thank Lydia for the flower and giving her a hug. 


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