How is Your Adoption Going?

We are asked this question a lot.So, here’s an update! 🙂 

We have finished our Utah home study and all of the paperwork to get signed up with our adoption agency. Our agency is in Florida, so we also had to do a home study compliancy, which was basically doing all of the paperwork for a home study for a second time.  We’ve been approved by our agency and Florida has approve our home study. So… now all we do is wait. 

We do have to finish an adoptive parenting course, but they will be showing our profile to birth mom/families while we work on finishing the class. 

So, like I said, now we wait. We don’t have a suggested time frame, we don’t have a list that we work our way up we just wait. We could get a phone call literally tomorrow or a year from tomorrow. 

Even though we have signed up through an agency we can still do a private adoption. So, if you know of anyone looking for an adoptive family, please keep us in mind. Our agency has also signed us up for below is our profile.

We are adopting domestically, but our home study is approved for one to two children 0-3 years old. So, a lot is up in the air. Please be praying for our family as we wait and in the wait. Pray that our child(ren) will be placed sooner rather than later and that God will bless the transition that will take place in our home and family. 

I know many of you have already been praying. Thank you so much for your prayers! Please continue! 


Teacher Evaluations

During our November professional development we watched the following video.

I really appreciated what Charlotte Danielson had to say. I think it’s important, especially for new teachers, to know what is expected of them for an evaluation. I remember it being a nerve-wrecking experience, mostly because I didn’t know what to expect.

History of American Math Education

About six months ago I became curious about how we used to teach math in America, since we are always hearing about how math education in America is failing. There aren’t very many resources available, but this particular article REALLY influenced me.

It is true what Burke said, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”

Thank you Dr. Klein for this article!