Christmas 2012

I’m letting Aaron write this post via Facebook!

Merry Christmas, family and friends!

Of all his presents, John Caleb was most ecstatic about his black chalkboard piggy bank. He erupted with, “IT’S A MIRACLE!” Later he read the specs on the rocket he got from Uncle Phillip. “IT’LL FLY TO OUTER SPACE!” He has been playing with various Avengers toys — masks, costumes, shield, and dart guns.

No Christmas outfits or pj’s, but glad I at least got happy smiles this year! 🙂

Lydia got her princesses! ALL OF THEM. Very happy. But not visibly happy: she was miserably sick this morning. But hours later, she is back to near-normal. And she is listening over and over to her storybook from Omi and Papa (thanks, Jeree). And dressing up in her princess costumes! And playing her puzzles. And wearing her Belle-princess T-shirt.

Facetime + Skype with my parents and in-laws. Loved it.

We all went out in the snow and John went facedown in the snow for a few minutes. On purpose.

I’m excited to take my Keurig single-serve coffeemaker to work tomorrow

Stacia and I are happy. Enjoying the day. Stuck at home. I turned down the suggestion that we go sledding. I’d rather be stuck at home with the kids today. Good times. 🙂 She got me way better gifts than I got her though. Time to watch another Christmas movie tonight with another one of her special meals.

I prayed that God would give us our third child before Christmas. Perhaps he or she was conceived last night somewhere in the country?

Right now we are sipping hot cocoa with small marshmallows. Time to play Avengers on the XBOX.

My wife is scary, scary, scary good at Just Dance 4. I’d post a picture but she threatened me with death.


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