Lydia Turns Five

Five?! Yes five! I can’t believe my baby girl is FIVE years old. Lydia is my usual bundle of energetic joy. She is always talking, smiling, and moving, unless she’s sleeping. 🙂 Lydia goes to 3-day preschool and LOVES it. On Wednesdays she stays all day and gets to bring a lunch and her doggy which turns into a sleeping bag and pillow. Those are her favorite days. Her best friends at preschool are Kiah and Lilly. Their friendship all started because Kiah and Lilly had the same pink shoes and Lydia wanted the same pink shoes too. The girl really does love her shoes! Her best friend at church  is Belle, but Belle’s family will be moving soon and we will greatly miss them! Lydia loves animals. She loves horses, dogs, and cats. She loves her stuffed animals and little plastic play animals. She got to ride a horse at a friend’s birthday party in February and had the best time. She would love to have a pet dog, but knows it would make daddy sick. Once she said we could have one and daddy could just sleep at his office. When I told her I would miss daddy she said we could sleep at his office too and John could stay home and take care of the dog. When Lydia is not at preschool she is at home during the day. She loves to watch Wild Kraats which I finally figured out it was because of all the animals! Lydia is my outdoors girl. She loves to be outside jumping on the trampoline, playing in the sandbox and when we are able, going for bike rides to play at the park, or just having the window down in the car.  She is very social and begs me to play with her, unfortunately, however, I have to work long hours. Often times the house will get quiet and I will find her sleeping on the couch, floor, table, under the table, in her bed, my bed, or under John’s bed. 😀 However, if she naps at all, she is up until all hours talking and singing to herself in bed. Her favorite colors are pink and purple, she loves princesses, Minnie Mouse and Strawberry Shortcake. She loves dresses that twirl and having pretty hair. She is my little girl. Throughout the year if she talked about the past (and by past it could be yesterday or 3 years ago) she will say, “When I was 3, I _____” So when she came home yesterday with a craft from preschool I asked if she had made it today and she said, “No, I made it when I was three.” But really she had made it Monday. She is my little love muffin.