John Turns Seven

My little baby boy is now SEVEN. Every year my children keep getting older and I just can’t ever believe how old they are. I no longer have babies and toddlers, but I am an elementary school mom.

John will be starting 2nd grade in the fall and is a typical 7-year-old boy. He LOVES Star Wars and everything that is associated with it. He loves playing Xbox, but mostly Star Wars Legos games! 🙂 He loves to ride his bike and go to the park to play on the playground. Our next door neighbor, Frank, is seven as well and knocks on our door everyday to play with John and Lydia. They run outside, jump on the trampoline and get in the little pool Aaron bought at the beginning of summer.

John is Seven!

John is also learning to swim. He’s become much more confident in the water and is now happy to put his head under the water when he has his goggles on. In fact, sometimes he’ll just go into the small pool and just sit there putting his head in the water over and over again.

This past year, John had Miss Sebra for his first grade teacher and Mrs. Eniss as his instructor. While he had a little bit of a rough year at school he still enjoyed playing with Frank at home and seeing his friend Roman at AWANA. His best friend is still Tyler, whenever Adrienne and I can get the boys together they play so well together.

This year John also played basketball for the winter and spring seasons. He improved A LOT from that very first game, but once Star Wars Legos was introduced he lost some interest. 😦 We’re still encouraging him to practice his basketball and will probably start again for the fall season.

John is also still a happy little boy who is very smart and catches onto things quickly. He asks wonderful questions about the Bible and about God. He’s also started to try and understand what it means to be Mormon or an atheist. He’s a good kid and we LOVE being his mommy and daddy. We enjoy his enthusiasm for life and learning and knowledge.

Oh! And last thing. John also lost about 5 teeth this year. He now has the little boy gap-big-toothed smile that’s very common for his age, but is as cute as ever.


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