We’ve MOVED!!!

Our new townhouse!

Last week Aaron and I moved to be closer to the kids’ school and church. With Lydia’s kindergarten schedule and me teaching full-time we knew we wanted to live closer to the school. So here we are! We’ll be renting a townhouse for at least a year as we decide where we would like to end up more permanently. However, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our new place!

The first day consisted of

Swimming in the pool!

* Touch- up paint  and Cleaning  – at the old place
* Our last family jump on the trampoline
* Playing in the sprinkler
* Lunch at Chili’s
* Trip to the grocery store
* Ringing the doorbell
* Trip to the bike shop
* Riding bikes
* Playing with the garage door
* Playing on the play ground
* Xbox
* Swimming in the new pool
* A little work-work
* Dinner of PB&Js
* Unpacking the kitchen
* A visit from friends
and finally
* A visit from the missionaries.

Scooter ride to McDonald’s!

It was quite the busy day and life has settled down since that time, but we’re still adjusting. We’ve been to the pool almost ever day this week and the kids are getting more and more comfortable in the water!  We’ve invested in some scooters, one per each family member and we scoot our way to the pool and the gym. On Friday we even took a scooter ride to McDonald’s for some ice cream and cookies. The kids have had a great time and have started meeting friends. We hope it’ll be a great year in our townhouse, and I have a sneaky suspicion that we might be here longer! 🙂

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