The following is a conversation I had over the weekend with 5-year-old Lydia.

Lydia: Mommy I have two boyfriends, but Kenzie has three.

Me: Two boyfriends? What are their names?

Lydia: Axton (who’s riding his bike outside the window) and Braden. No! Not Braden she says with disgust.

Me: Is Braden from school?

Lydia: Yes.

Me: Well what is the other boy’s name?

Lydia: I forget.

Me: What does it mean to have a boyfriend? Is it just a boy who is a friend?

Lydia: Oh no. It means you chase them and if you catch them they have to stay with you.

Me: Trying to hold back the laughter. But what does it mean to be a boyfriend?

Lydia: In a sighing/dreamy kind of way. Love.

Me: I see.

Lydia: Yeah. But Kenzie has three boyfriends, I only have two, I need another boyfriend.

Me: Well you don’t have to do things the same way that Kenzie does. You could have just one boyfriend.

Lydia: No. I need three.

Here’s the scary thing. As we drove out of our neighborhood today Lydia starts to giggle – like full-fledged, 13-year-old, talking-about-boys, giggle. She rolls down her window and shouts, “Hi Axton!” In a very flirtatious way.

I think we could be in trouble.


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