Lydia Turns Six

Lydia turns six today. My kindergarten beauty. Lydia has been in 1/2 day PM Kindergarten this year and has been amazing! Her teacher, Mrs. Henrie tells me that she is an ideal student! She has learned to read, write cursive, and add. She loves school and we love having the mornings to read books and play games.

Chinese Dolls

When we moved into our townhouse this past August she quickly became friends with the neighborhood girls her age and befriended the ones who moved in after us. Outside of our front window is the playground and so she spends hours upon hours outside playing with her neighborhood friends, Allie (who has moved away), McKenzie, Olivia, and Isabella. Olivia and Lydia both have school in the afternoon, so most mornings one of them is knocking on the other’s door before 9:00 in the morning.

Lydia also started ballet this year and is a beautiful little dancer. Where is usually carefree and silly during ballet she is composed and poised. She loves performing in her recitals, mostly because she gets to wear makeup. In fact after her winter recital she has begged me on multiple occasions to wear mascara (and when I do put it on her, her already big eyes look like they belong on a Disney princess!)

Lydia loves Frozen, fairies, Adventures in Odyssey, unicorns (pronounced lunacorn), pink and purple. She loves to play outside, ride her new bike, and go swimming. She loves people. She always wants to be around others and hates being alone. She still loves animals and when people in the neighborhood come by the park while walking their dogs, she always asks to pet them.

She is my sweet little girl. I love her hugs, snuggles, and kisses, her toothless grin and silly laughter. I am so blessed to be her mom.

Oh! And one last thing I almost forgot. She has her own saying, “Ok Salt Lake!”


Two Birthday Gift Stories: 

1. Olivia knocks on the door one morning. Lydia opens the door and Olivia says, “It’s only FOUR days until your birthday. But we’re not getting you a bike, but we’re going to get you an slushie maker.” I’m sitting on the couch, laughing and yet half-horrified that Lydia would have asked Olivia’s mom for a bike. Later that day, I was talking to Olivia’s mom I told her the story and she said, “Well, Isabella’s mom came over and asked ‘Are you giving Lydia a bike for her birthday? What am I supposed to get her then, you’re setting the bar kind of high!'” and then added, “Oh, she only told Lydia we were getting an slushie maker because that’s what she wants.” Well, a few days later, Olivia’s mom is out of town for work and dad’s in charge of buying the birthday present. So when Lydia opened a Slurpee maker, all I could do was laugh!


2. My mom bought an Elsa (Frozen) dress up for Lydia from Target. However, there’s a hoop in the skirt and so my mom couldn’t fit it in the box with the other presents. So, she took it back to Target and sent a gift card so that we could buy it here. The next day, Lydia and I left the house early and went to Target, they didn’t have an Elsa dress up. I told Lydia that it’d be ok because I could just order it from So, we got home and I immediately got online. Well, the Elsa dress up is not available on and not a single Target in all of Utah has it in stock. So I look up and they have one and I put it in my cart when I notice it’s back ordered so it will not arrive until June. Before I buy it I call Lydia downstairs and explain that it will take a while to get the dress-up, she’s disappointed but she understands. I click the “Buy now” button and am told that the item is no longer available, yes, in a matter of 5-10 minutes all of the back-ordered dress ups were bought. I get back onto and find that there is an Elsa dress up at a Target relatively close to my mom. I immediately texted and asked her to buy the dress and I’d explain later. Thankfully she did and now we just have to figure out how to send it without messing up the hoop in the skirt too much!


One thought on “Lydia Turns Six

  1. Lydia is such a beautiful child. I’m blessed to just get to see her every week!

    Not sure this would work, but I had an idea. If you can get the hoop measurements she can open a seam just a bit and remove the hoop for shipping. You can get some large-size craft wire and replace the hoop through the opening. Bonus- if the hoop gets traumatized while she’s playing, it won’t break. You can just grab a coffee can and bend it back in place. 🙂

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