A Cricket Named Elsa

Lest I ever forget…

A week ago Lydia and a neighborhood friend caught a cricket. She put it in a very small tupperware container with some grass and didn’t close the lid all the way. On the suggestion of a neighborhood mom she put just a drop of water in there as well. Then she told us that the cricket was a “she” and her name was Elsa. Amazingly the cricket survived the night in her bedroom.

The next morning I gave her a bigger tupperware and poked some holes in the top. We went out and got handfuls of grass, put in just the tiniest bit of water and the transferred Elsa to her new home. We kept Elsa as a pet for at least a week. She stayed either in Lydia’s room or in the kids’ bathroom. Then today she decided she needed to let Elsa go, and so she took her outside and released the still alive cricket back into the “wilderness.”

This child amazes me!


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