One way that you can tell you’re aging is how you view weekends.

Once a child goes to school they realize that weekends hold significance. Growing up it meant sleeping in, Saturday morning cartoons, swimming, playing and just the joy of NOT going to school.

Around the time you enter middle school it becomes a time for hopefully hanging out with friends and if you’re lucky, a sleepover!

When you hit high school you hope and pray that you have a date on Friday or Saturday night and if you don’t have a date you at least hope and pray that you won’t be the loser sitting at home. You’d at least like to be hanging out with friends, or people slightly cooler, or attending a party.

You go away to college and well, I wasn’t a big partier, so for me it wasn’t about the parties. However, I still needed a break from studying and time to have fun with friends and once again hope and pray for a date. Eventually the dates come or the boyfriend comes along and you hang out with him. One on one or in a group, it’s a time to hang out together.

Then you get married and you start working. Weekends become nothing more than time for rest and relaxation. Going out to eat on a Friday night?! Are you crazy?! Restaurants are too crowded and noisy. I’d rather be in my pj’s then deal with those annoying teenagers on dates or hanging out in groups!

Then kids come along, and you become a stay-at-home mom. Your days have no beginnings and no ends. The only significance that comes with weekends is that your husband is home all day, but you’re in such a haze of lack of sleep and keeping your toddler out of, well, EVERYTHING that you don’t even notice when the weekend begins and when it ends.

Then you go back to work, but now you have kids. So weekends are about relaxing, but they’re also about basketball games, family time, birthday parties, and oh yeah, those friends that you’ve been wanting to hang out with. Yes, friends still do exist. (But sometimes you hope the plans get canceled because-man! that was a long work week and you’d rather just get in your pj’s.)

Then because of the wisdom of your husband and other circumstances, you need to quit your job. You’re a stay-at-home mom again, but the kids are now in school. The house is actually PEACEFUL for 2-3 hours a day. You can hear yourself think, get cleaning done, or read a book without interruption. Do you know what happens to weekends then? They become MORE busy then the work week. They are actually somewhat stressful because the house is noisy and full of people. The kids keep messing up what you’ve tried to clean and you have to run around to basketball, birthday parties and other things. And oh yeah, those friends you have… they still exist! At least now you want to hang out because you know that you can where your pj’s most of Monday, if you so wish, so that you can recover from your weekend.

I’m sure as I enter into my next stages of life the meaning of my weekends will change again and again. However, now I will always understand that how you see your weekends says a lot about what stage of life you’re in!


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