Hannah Piper’s Adoption Story

The Wait:

In December of 2009 Aaron and I started talked about another adoption. I thought we were both on the same page, but we weren’t. I was ready to begin the adoption process again, but he was not. So, I waited for him to be ready… and then waited some more. Finally in June 2011 he was ready, so we started the home study process.


I dragged my feet through the home study process because once it’s completed it expires in a year, however if it’s started then if you get matched with a birthmom you can finish up pretty quick. So, our home study was approved in June of 2012 for 1-2 children 0-3 years of age. Our adoption agency out of Florida officially accepted us in September of 2012.


Then we waited and we hoped. There’s not a list that you can move up on, you’re just at the mercy of the agency and birth families. The agency approached us about several different situations of older children and sibling sets, and while we were open to the situation, none of them worked out.


During this time of waiting starting in December of 2009 for me, God was hard at work in my life. He broke me and built me back up. He taught me how to trust him and wait on his timing. He healed me physically and emotionally from lingering effects of my hysterectomy. He gave me the gift of amazing women who loved me, prayed for me, listened to me, encouraged me, and who said the hard things I didn’t want to hear. It was early 2013 when I felt spiritually whole again.


In September 2013 we were matched with a birth mom from our agency. We were excited and happy and anticipated February when we could meet our new son, but it didn’t work out. You can read more about that here.


After many tears were shed we settled back into our normal routine of life and school. I had lots more time now after I had quit my job and both kids were in school, even if Lydia was only ½ day. We were happy and content. We rewrote our birth mom letter and also began taking the certification classes for foster-to-adopt.



And then…


Hannah’s story:

It was Monday, June 9th. The kids and I had just finished up their summer packet and I was about to start making dinner. However, I heard a ping on my Facebook. My friend Stephanie, from Ohio, had messaged me and asked if we were still looking to adopt. I explained that we were. She asked what my phone number was and if she could call me… now. I said yes, and she literally called the next second!


She explained that her co-worker’s (who really is her life-long best friend) cousin was 37 weeks pregnant and thinking about adoption. She was excited to connect us! She gave me C’s email address and I sent C our birth mom letter. This started a flurry of emails between us as C asked lots of questions and I did my best to answer them.

So happy!


We decided to “meet” through Skype on Wednesday, but it got postponed until Thursday. It was so great to put a face with a name and meet C and her daughter. C’s dad wasn’t able to join us and it was important to C that we meet, so we planned to Skype again on the following Monday. Tuesday night we received an email from C saying that she would like us to be the adoptive family. I shot up off the couch and was doing the happy dance! Aaron was in Park City leaving a work conference, between the mountains and the bad weather communication was horrid, but I didn’t want to tell anyone else until we had talked. So, I had a ton of excited energy and nothing to do! We eventually shared our joy together and then called family and friends to let them know the great news.


So, on Sunday, June 22nd we hopped in the van and headed to Ohio. We arrived in the Dayton area Tuesday night and were able to see some friends and visit some of our favorite places as we waited for C to go into labor. Her doctor decided to induce her on Monday, June 30th if she didn’t go into labor before then.


Hannah was born on June 30th at 2:17pm and was 7 lbs 5oz and 20.75 inches long. She had a TON of blonde hair. We loved her instantly! We have been blessed by meeting C’s family. And we will forever be overwhelmingly grateful to C for her gift and sacrifice.


Words can’t describe how much we love this new little daughter of ours.


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