John is eight

John is eight! I’ve been a mom for 8 years. Double that amount of time and I’ll be a mom of a driving teenager. The first eight years passed REALLY quickly, I’m sure the next eight will pass even more quickly, so yeah… it’s a little freaky! 🙂

John and Hannah
John and Hannah

John is a very tender-hearted, loving, kind, little boy. His closest friends this year were Tyler, Akil from school, and Gabe from our neighborhood. He’s a loyal friend and had to miss the last two friends all summer, it was tough for him and he’s learning how difficult it can be to say good-bye, even if the good-bye is temporary.

We arrived home from our Hannah Ohio trip on his birthday. He had to sacrifice the party we had talked about together and the gifts I had planned, but he was gracious and excited to see daddy again.

John loves Star Wars, Legos, Mine Craft, riding his bike, swimming, roller coasters, water slides, reading, and his Mickey Mouse. He’s smart and loves to be a part of the conversation. He’s very outgoing and friendly to others.

This past year in school he had Mrs. Rawlings for a teacher and loved her. His favorite subject in school was PE. We discovered he has a natural talent for rock climbing and are hoping to get him into some classes.


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