Journal July 16


“You only get one chance at life with no dress rehearsal. Believe it or not the legacy you leave behind can impact your family’s lineage for generations to come. Many women fail to take this responsibility seriously. We live in a pleasure-seeking world that stresses instant gratification. Many people give little thought to developing qualities that will impact our own future, much less future generations.”

“Only by seeking the Lord will we be able to break up the unplowed ground and soften our hearts to receive God’s truth. WE are motivated to change because the unfailing love of God the Father compels us.”

“We cannot know God apart from faith in His Son and we cannot fear God if we don’t know Him.”

“The Hebrew word for spirit in Num. 14:24 is ruwach. It means breathe sensible (even violent) exhalation. Imagine that! It is sensible to follow the Lord! TO commit to him a while heart should become as second nature as breathing.”


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