Journal August 30



Summary: God takes vengeance on Midian because in Numbers 25 the women of Midian convinced the Israelites to worship Baal. One thousand men from each tribe were taken to fight (war). The warriors killed all the Midianite men but brought back all the women and children. Moses got angry at the warriors because the women were the reason vengeance was to be taken. So Moses told the soldiers to kill all of the male children and all of the women who had slept with a man! (This astounds me. I can’t image lining up thousands of people and killing them.) They then took census of the plunder, and gave half to the warriors and half to the rest of Israel. God received one of every 500 from the warriors and one of every 50 from the rest of Israel. 


*Why did God wish to seek vengence to Midian? 

**Why kill Balaam? 

***Moses’ wife was a Midian. Was this the same nation? How did this make Moses feel? Was Jethro, his father-in-law killed? 

****Why was being”clean” so important? Did this prevent possible health hazards?


See Numbers 25.




The tribes of Rueben and Gad wanted to settle in Gilead because it had good grazing land. So, they asked Moses, who reminded them that they were very shortly going to fight for the promise land, and that it had been 40 years. Rueben and Gad promised the other tribes of Israel in the fight for the Promise Land but would leave their wife and children in the cities of Gilead. Moses agreed. So, those tribes and the half tribe Manesseh fought the cities and villages taking them as their won. And settled there. 


*Why settle in a place in which people live? Why not in Midian where they had already conquered? 


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