Journal September 20




God told Joshua to have the people march around the city of Jericho once each day for 6 days with armed men in front, then the priest blowing rams horns, then the ark, then the rear guard. Then on the seventh day they were to march around the city 7 times and at Joshua’s call the trumpets sounded, the people yelled and the walls crumbled flat. This was done. Every person in Jericho was killed except for Rehab and her family who were brought out by the spies according to their oath. All things were collected for God and the city was burned. Then Joshua cursed the city and the person who dares to rebuild it at the cost of this oldest and youngest sons. 


*Who’s the “armed men” and “read guard?” 




Achan took some devoted things. So when Israel went to fight Ai. The Lord was not with them. So Joshua tore his clothes and cried out to God. God explained that until the devoted things were returned to him then his hand would be against Jericho. Joshua found Achan who gave him the devoted things. Then Joshua took Achan and his family and livestock and the Israelites stoned them. 


*Why would people take some of the devoted things? 

*Do I have a ‘devoted thing’ in my life that would keep me from God’s best? 


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