Summer Mom

We’ve all seen Jen Hatchmakers post, “Worst End of School Year Mom Ever.” In fact I’m sure this is at least the second year that I have giggled through the post. We all laugh, because we know it’s true. We start off the school year with exuberance and we do everything well, but by May we’re tired. I’m tired. I’m tired of waking up early and making lunches and shuffling kids out the door. I’m tired of daily reading fluency and other homework. I’m tired of volunteering and after school activities. But, I have to admit, I enjoy my peace and quiet time. My time alone, at home. I’m an introvert and even though I still have a baby at home, well… she takes good naps!

So here is summer, it’s coming, it’s around the corner, one more week of school. And I’m excited about it… and dreading it. I never wanted to be the type of parent who dreaded summer with her kids. I love my kids. My kids are a blessing. I have prayed for each and every one of them. There are women out there who long for children… and I’m lucky enough to have three. I am so thankful that God has given them to me. There is nothing in the world like having a front seat ticket to watching a person grow, learn, explore, and develop. They’re amazing! Each one is different and unique and I cherish my time with them.

But, I know myself, the worst of me. I’m a selfish person. I like “me-time.” I don’t like answering 100 questions, whining, or fighting. I know I have a short fuse and sin in my anger. I yell and snap at my kids when I shouldn’t. I’m not creative and I’m a total home-body.

So, as I think of the encroaching summer today, I want to pray.

Lord, thank you for my children. All too often I take them for granted. They are a gift from you and I love them more than I can express. As I enter into summer, help me to be a good mom to them. Give me strength and lots and lots of energy. Give us fun stuff to do. Help me to make this summer one that is filled with happy, carefree, childhood memories for my kids. Give me patience and wisdom. Help me to be slow to anger and quick to listen. Give my children tender hearts for their siblings. Grow a bond and friendship between them that will last into adulthood. Protect my children from evils in the world. Protect their ears from words they should not hear, hurtful comments from neighborhood kids, and even anger from me. Protect their eyes from things they should not see and their hearts from things they should not learn. Keep them safe from danger, and please Lord, no more broken bones this year! Lord Jesus, shine through me into their lives. Help me to use my time with them wisely. Help me to be a good example to them. Help me to slow down and point out your amazing creation, to marvel at cloud shapes, the beauty of a sunset, or the fragrance of flowers. Humble me so that I can serve them well. Give me wisdom to disciple them through fights and fun. Give me patience. Give me energy. Continue to give me an overwhelming love for my children. Lord, I cannot do these things on my own. I am desperately dependent on you. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for my beautiful, amazing, smart, funny, crazy, kids. Thank you for letting me be their mom. Thank you for summer. Thank you for grace. Amen.


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