Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung

I don’t consider myself a super busy person. I don’t like feeling busy and overwhelmed. In fact, I can be selfish with my time. This past school year was amazing. My older kids were in school, and I had the pleasure of just living life for my baby, who took really good naps. So, it was a slow-paced year. One in which I had a lot of time to get things done and enjoy down-time.

However, this summer has felt extremely busy. Even just having my two kids at home all day, makes life busier. And God has worked in my heart, and opened my eyes to being more willing to make sacrifices in my life and with my time for other women. So, in thinking about the school year starting and with it different ministries within the church, reading Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung was a good preparation.

For my own sake, the following are quotes from the book:

  • “We wake up most days not trying to serve, but trying to survive.” pg 21                                                      
  • “For most of us, it isn’t heresy or rank apostasy that will derail our profession of faith. It’s all the worries of life. You’ve got car repairs. then your water heater goes out. The kids need to see a doctor. You haven’t done your taxes yet….Your lawn needs mowing. Your curtains don’t look right. Your washing machine keeps rattling. This is life for most of us, and it’s choking our spiritual life.” pg. 29
  • “John Piper made the statement, ‘we should care about all suffering…’ …He didn’t want to say we should do something about all suffering, because we can’t do something about everything. But we can care. We won’t all care about every issue in the same way, but there are some issues we should all care about… “Every Christian should be involved in the Great Commission, but not everyone will move overseas. Every Christian should oppose abortion, but not everyone will adopt or volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center. … And we need Christians who don’t make others feel guilty (and don’t feel guilty themselves) when one of us follows a different passion than another.” pg 49
  • “I worry that many young parents are too sure that every decision will set their kids on a an unalterable trajectory to heaven or hell. It’s like my secretary at church once told me: ‘Most moms and dads think they are either the best or the worst parents in the world, and both are wrong.’ Could it be we’ve made parenting too complicated? Isn’t the most important thing now what we do but who we are as parents? They will remember our character before they remember our exact rules regarding television and Twinkies.” pg 73
  • “…it’s easy to think the best answer for technology overload is to rage against the machines. And yet, it does no good to pine for a world that isn’t coming back and probably wasn’t as rosy as we remember it. I like that I can carry the Bible on my phone, …  and can hear from my friends throughout the day, and can text with my wife while I’m at work. There’s no doubt that some things are better because we are all wired to everything.The question is what are the threats [that the digital revolution has to our souls] and what can we do about them?” pg 79
  • “The busyness that’s bad is not the busyness of work, but the busyness that works hard at the wrong things. It’s being busy trying to please people, busy trying to control others, busy trying to do things we haven’t been called to do.So please don’t hear from me that work is bad or that bearing burdens is bad. That’s part of life. That’s part of being a Christian. pg 102
  • “God has given us all twenty-four hours in every day. It is the one resource distributed with complete equality. And for most of us, for the most part, we all do with those hours what we think is most important. I wish I ran more, but apparently I value reading at home, or working late, or getting sleep more. So the answer here is not simple willpower: “I must spend more time with Jesus!” That won’t last. We have to believe that the most significant opportunity before us every day is the opportunity to sit at the feet of Jesus. We won’t rearrange our priorities unless we really believe this is the best one.” pg 114-115
  • “It’s not wrong to be tired. It’s not wrong to feel overwhelmed. It’s not wrong to go through seasons of complete chaos. What is wrong-and heartbreakingly foolish and wonderfully avoidable-is to live a life with more craziness than we want because we have less Jesus than we need.” pg 118

DeYoung always offers a fair and balanced view on things and I really appreciated this book. I want to offer my life to others and be more available to serve Christ by serving them, this includes my husband and children. However, this can only start by reorienting my time around Jesus. It made me realize that I’m not just selfish with my time when it comes to people, but also when it comes to Jesus. Hopefully, God will continue to reprioritize my desires.