Quotes from our Ohio Adoption Trip

If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall of one of our family vacations then you will definitely enjoy reading all of the quotes below!

“Are we there yet?” -Lydia
“Are we getting closer?” -Lydia
“I don’t want to sit in the van any more.” -Lydia
All of the above quotes were said within the first 3 hours of a 25 hour drive!

Lydia: “I’ll do the bottle but not the diapers!
John: “I’ll do the diapers!”
Lydia: “John, they’re disgusting!!!”
UPDATE: Lydia has made bottles AND changed diapers, while John has made bottles but has no interest in changing diapers!

“It smells like someone pooped their pants!” -Lydia

John: “Does anyone know what a storm chaser is?”
Me: “Someone who chases storms.”
John: “Nope!”

Aaron: “No fun allowed!” (being funny)
Lydia cries.

“Why aren’t we flying?” -Lydia, 50 minutes into day 2

“Mama, are we almost somewhere yet?” -Lydia

“Mom is it almost night time?” -Lydia
I believe this is in response to my earlier comment: “We will be driving ALL. DAY. LONG.

John: “Dad, how sure are they that it’s a girl?”
Aaron: “About 98% sure”
John: “So you’re saying there’s a chance [that it’s a boy].”

“Why are there so many trees?” -Lydia, in barren WY, we counted 5 trees.

Aaron: “Look at that pretty grass out there!”
Lydia: “Where?! Where?!”
Aaron: “On the left.”
Lydia: “Is this my left?I don’t see it.”
Aaron: “It’s the pretty green stuff.”
Lydia: “Daddy, you said giraffe!!!!”
Aaron: “No, I said ‘green grass.'”
Lydia: “You said, ‘gir-affe’!”

“Daddy bonked into the wall.” -Lydia

“The first excuse is good. The second excuse… is good too.” -John

Lydia: “Mommy, did we bring any band aids on this trip?”
Me: “No, I forgot.”
Lydia: “Can we go home and get them?” (We were in Iowa.)

“I miss my home sweet home.” -Lydia (day 3)

“I wish we flied.” -Lydia, 5 minutes into our third day driving.

“You should kiss on the lips until you die.” -Lydia

“It smells like a barn in the car!” -Lydia

John: “If you stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon and fell off the edge would you die?”
Me: “Yes.”
John: “Why? It’s only a mile deep!”
(Discussion about depths and dangerous heights to fall from.)
John: “What about if you had a parachute?”
Aaron: “Then you probably would live.”
Lydia: *Gasp* “You could parachute into lava!”
John: “There no lava, just a river!”

Two hours into the third day John finally asks the long awaited question:
“Are we in Ohio yet?”

“Are we still in the place where mommy was borned?” -Lydia, I was born in Illinois.

“Yes! It’s raining! I’m so glad I brought my umbrella!” -Lydia

“What? It’s manly” -John, after tucking a napkin into his shirt.

John tried to get from the vending machine last night but it got stuck. This morning he tried again and got two Twislers. His response, “It’s a miracle!”

“Can we go to Barnies and Nobles? It’s my favorite book store.” -John

First thing both the kids asked when they saw Hannah, “Where are her eyebrows?!”

John: “When was the baby born?”
Omi: “Oh about 10-15 minutes ago.”
John: “I bet she’s just crawling around everywhere!”

“Your baby is so beautiful. Mine was the ugliest in the world, he was a ‘bless your heart’ baby.” -Becki, the hospital housekeeper.

“Hope [Hannah’s] not nocturnal!” -John

“What does the giraffe do? It doesn’t have a ‘try me’ button.” -John

“She might be wondering, ‘Who’s Hannah Pie?'” -Lydia, speaking of Hannah.

“I guess your mom is always right, sometimes.” -John (speaking of Omi)

Old Ohio friend, Josh: “What state do you live in?”
Lydia: “America.”

“Oh look she’s awake! Just like a human!” -John

Papa: “Did you get enough to eat today?”
John: “Not really, I just had breakfast, lunch and a little bit of dinner.”

“My name is Jude, J-U-D-E, it sounds like a D on the end but it’s an E. That’s messed up.” -Jude, a random kid at Apex talking to Lydia.

John and Lydia leave Omi and Papa’s hotel room where it’s quiet.
Me: “Why are you going to the other room?”
John: “We want peace.”
Me: “From the adults?!”
Lydia: “Yes!”

“The 80’s like when my great-great-great-grandma lived?” -John

“She has a poopy diaper, haha, that’s a good one Omi. Mom isn’t that a good one?!” -John

As we’re leaving Uncle Phil and Aunt Laura’s, Lydia cries, “I’m gonna miss that dog!!!”

“Dag nab it! Dag yes it!” -John

“Hold down your horses, mommy!” -Lydia

Me: “We only have 1560 more miles to go.”
John: “Well, that will cheer us up!”

“My band aid gave me more bug bites!” -Lydia

“I have to go potty very, very, badly. So, can we stop somewhere in this state?” -Lydia

“Ow! Ow! Ow! That sound hurts my feet!” -Lydia, as the van drives over the rumble strip during road construction.

“My knees are sitting here doing nothing!” -Lydia

“There were three hotels in one crunch.” -John

“My brain is hot!” -Lydia

“Seriously?! That fox crossed the road without looking both ways?! He is not smart!” -John

“I think I have car fever!” -Lydia

“It must be hard to be a cow in Kansas.” -Nana

While searching for “amber waves of grain”
Nana: “What’s that?”
Me: “Dead grass!”
Nana: “No, I think it’s amber waves of grain that has been harvested.

*We had three carnivorous flies from Kansas travel with us all the way to Utah.*

Lydia: “Have we really been good?!”
Me: “Yes.”
Lydia: “Thank the Lord!!!”

Me: “These are the plain states. You know like the prairie and the plains.
John: “You mean planes fly all around here?”

“You know, back in the 80’s when most people lived in the prairies, kids stayed in the church with their parents the whole time!” -John

Nana accidently turned off the car DVD so John was trying to help her turn it back on.
“Press ‘power,’ nana. You see the P-O-W-E-R Letters? It’s that one.”

“I wonder how they get Italian food to taste so much like American food.” -John

“Well of course I can’t sleep! Tomorrow I get to see daddy!… and my new home! … and my new bed!… and tomorrow is my brother’s 8 year old brithday!…” -Lydia

“John, now that you are 8 years old, I’m going to stop making fun of you.” -Lydia

Five minutes after getting into Utah:
“Are we home yet? Are we in the right Utah?” -Lydia

“I don’t like the word pacifier because of the word ‘fire.’ I want it to be called paci or binky.” -Lydia

Our trip to Ohio was amazing. We had a lot of fun. It was great to see old friends and introduce our kids to some new ones! It was wonderful to meet Hannah’s birth family. They’re a great family and I wish we lived closer. We’re so happy to be home and start our new normal. We are praising God daily for our little Hannah Pie!


Hannah Piper’s Adoption Story

The Wait:

In December of 2009 Aaron and I started talked about another adoption. I thought we were both on the same page, but we weren’t. I was ready to begin the adoption process again, but he was not. So, I waited for him to be ready… and then waited some more. Finally in June 2011 he was ready, so we started the home study process.


I dragged my feet through the home study process because once it’s completed it expires in a year, however if it’s started then if you get matched with a birthmom you can finish up pretty quick. So, our home study was approved in June of 2012 for 1-2 children 0-3 years of age. Our adoption agency out of Florida officially accepted us in September of 2012.


Then we waited and we hoped. There’s not a list that you can move up on, you’re just at the mercy of the agency and birth families. The agency approached us about several different situations of older children and sibling sets, and while we were open to the situation, none of them worked out.


During this time of waiting starting in December of 2009 for me, God was hard at work in my life. He broke me and built me back up. He taught me how to trust him and wait on his timing. He healed me physically and emotionally from lingering effects of my hysterectomy. He gave me the gift of amazing women who loved me, prayed for me, listened to me, encouraged me, and who said the hard things I didn’t want to hear. It was early 2013 when I felt spiritually whole again.


In September 2013 we were matched with a birth mom from our agency. We were excited and happy and anticipated February when we could meet our new son, but it didn’t work out. You can read more about that here.


After many tears were shed we settled back into our normal routine of life and school. I had lots more time now after I had quit my job and both kids were in school, even if Lydia was only ½ day. We were happy and content. We rewrote our birth mom letter and also began taking the certification classes for foster-to-adopt.



And then…


Hannah’s story:

It was Monday, June 9th. The kids and I had just finished up their summer packet and I was about to start making dinner. However, I heard a ping on my Facebook. My friend Stephanie, from Ohio, had messaged me and asked if we were still looking to adopt. I explained that we were. She asked what my phone number was and if she could call me… now. I said yes, and she literally called the next second!


She explained that her co-worker’s (who really is her life-long best friend) cousin was 37 weeks pregnant and thinking about adoption. She was excited to connect us! She gave me C’s email address and I sent C our birth mom letter. This started a flurry of emails between us as C asked lots of questions and I did my best to answer them.

So happy!


We decided to “meet” through Skype on Wednesday, but it got postponed until Thursday. It was so great to put a face with a name and meet C and her daughter. C’s dad wasn’t able to join us and it was important to C that we meet, so we planned to Skype again on the following Monday. Tuesday night we received an email from C saying that she would like us to be the adoptive family. I shot up off the couch and was doing the happy dance! Aaron was in Park City leaving a work conference, between the mountains and the bad weather communication was horrid, but I didn’t want to tell anyone else until we had talked. So, I had a ton of excited energy and nothing to do! We eventually shared our joy together and then called family and friends to let them know the great news.


So, on Sunday, June 22nd we hopped in the van and headed to Ohio. We arrived in the Dayton area Tuesday night and were able to see some friends and visit some of our favorite places as we waited for C to go into labor. Her doctor decided to induce her on Monday, June 30th if she didn’t go into labor before then.


Hannah was born on June 30th at 2:17pm and was 7 lbs 5oz and 20.75 inches long. She had a TON of blonde hair. We loved her instantly! We have been blessed by meeting C’s family. And we will forever be overwhelmingly grateful to C for her gift and sacrifice.


Words can’t describe how much we love this new little daughter of ours.


Five months ago we were told the happy news: We were matched! After years of waiting, a birthmom had chosen our family to adopt her baby.

A lot of life has happened during those five months and throughout it all we have dreamt about what it would be like to have a baby in the house. The diapers, the middle of the night feedings, the crying, none of it seemed like a big deal. Lydia became attached to her baby doll, feeding her, holding her, putting her down in the baby’s bed, etc. We talked of names and meanings.

The kids and I traveled to Florida 11 days ago. We were very excited and our dreams seemed to be becoming a reality. The kids had a week off from school and so I decided to bring them to Florida early, if the birth mom went into labor we’d be near by. The kids played in the pool and we went to the beach. We figured we’d have a great time waiting for our baby.

Then we received some troubling news. Our birthmom hadn’t returned any phone, text, email or facebook messages that the agency had sent. It has now been two weeks since the agency has had contact with our birth mom and about 9 days of living in limbo for our family. They are officially closing this case today. We will not be returning to Utah with a baby.

I am heartbroken. My husband is heartbroken. The kids are heartbroken. We lost a baby. Even though the baby was not physically in my “tummy” the baby was very much a part of our hearts. To lose the baby hurts.

Please understand we have no hard feelings toward the birthmother and her decision to keep the baby. We understand how difficult the decision can be to place a child for adoption and in the end it is her baby. We have been honored to provide help for her family these last few months and hope that she will raise her children in the Lord. We love her and this little boy that we will never meet.

However, during this time of grief and waiting, I’ve been overwhelmed by how many people love our family. Beyond those related to us by blood we have had so many of our church family and friends reach out to us and pray for our family and offer comfort. What a blessing everyone has been.

Even though I don’t understand what happened or why the birthmom went incognito or even why I’m suffering from a broken heart, I do know that God is sovereign. This is my Father’s world and He does have a purpose in all things. God loves me and He loves my family. He is comforting our hearts directly and indirectly through the people around us. I will continue to cry for this loss, but I will trust that God knows what is best for my family and for the little boy that stayed with his birthmom.

These last few days the following song has been stuck in my head. I can’t think of a better song to be stuck in my head. (Except for maybe the one song that came on my Pandora “Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus” but I don’t know as many of those words! 🙂 )