December 2010 in Review

12/1 – My kids throw back medicine like candy.

12/4 – “I have a perfect smile.” – John

12/5 – Aaron spends over an hour making 7 comments on a friend’s Facebook funny picture of their baby.

12/6 – “I don’t like pants. I just like underwear.” – John

12/7 – Lydia’s a girl after a college-kid’s heart… eating cold pizza for breakfast.

12/9 – Dropped Aaron off at the airport, came back and balled my eyes out to Toy Story 3.

12/10 – Took the kids to my work party. My boss ended up giving them paint and a harmonica as their presents. … Thanks Angie.

12/13 – Aaron woke up to Lydia putting change in a airline peanut bag.

12/15 – Apparently Mary and the wise men share a hobby of climbing trees, per my Little People Nativity.

12/17 – Family time at Chick-fil-a.

12/18 – John was playing in the toy box and hurt his finger. I think it was pinched when he tried to close it. I got him a bandaide. Lydia’s response was to go to the toy box, get in, come back and out and ask for a band-aid. When I said no, she went back to the toy box, started whimpering, then came back and asked for a band-aid, showing me her “hurt” finger. She’s pretty quick!

12/22 – Took the kids on a Provo river “boat” ride to the Christmas lights.

12/24 – Aaron and I play Santa for the first time. 🙂

12/26-12/31 – Family spent a week sick in bed almost all week.  Super nasty stuff. But showed sweet love and caring for each other.


November 2010 in Review

3rd – Lydia tucked in her doggy and then gave him a kiss and hug.

4th – Lydia climbed up on me and sat on my back (I thought she was being fun and cuddly) then she took the ipod touch out of my back pocket and started playing with it.

6th – Lydia piled Aaron up with stuffed animals.

7th – John flipped over the bench and he and Lyddie made a bed with it.

8th – John had thrown hay in the house, so I made him clean it up with the vacuum. He had a great time watching the pieces of hay get sucked in by the hose.

John said, “Daddy you’re my friend.”

9th – My alarm clock is the pitter patter of little feet!

11th – Earlier tonight Lydia bit John. Once he was done crying he said, “I not lunch! I a boy.”

12th – After putting the kids to bed John came out of the room holding himself (he had to go potty.) Lydia, then followed John holding herself. Aaron and I cracked up laughing and she immediately went galloping off like a little pony.

16th – Lydia laid her pony down on a bed of canned tuna and laid a wipe over her for a blanket.

17th – Lydia comes in, “Yeeyee need help mommy!” I was amazed at the great communication. John, who had had a small accident had taken off his pants, put them in the laundry and gotten new pants and underwear out of his closet.

18th – 22nd – Aaron’s best friend from high school came by for a visit before shipping off to Japan. We had a great time with Stuart!

21st – First big snow! John (on the way to preschool) ran out into the 6 inches of snow to make a snowball!

22nd – Oh my goodness, break my heart! John just called me to the room he’s watching Toy Story … He looks all sad and says, ” Buzz Lightyear lost all his friends.” Sticking out his puppydog lip. Buzz tries to escape the house by flying, falls on the ground and breaks his arm off (discovering he’s a toy). And John starts crying during the scene.

23rd – I bought some flowers for Thanksgiving. While I was in the shower Lydia picked a certain kind off of the bouquet. When I found her she had put them in a cup and was filling it with water. Her love for flowers is pretty cute!

Seeing my car covered in snow Lydia said, “Mommy, car is sad.

24th – Took John sledding. He LOVED it!

25th – Enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with Ken Rice and his family.

27th – Started putting up the Christmas tree and John was so excited to put on his “favorites” (aka ornaments). We had some friends come over, including John’s friend, Tyler. While Adrienne and I were in the kitchen finishing dinner John, Tyler, and Lydia put all the favorites on the tree. The tree was pretty darn adorable, with the top not yet fixed (fake tree) and all the ornaments on the bottom part.

29th – I love baking with John.

September 2010 in Review

4th – Gave Lydia a bandaid the other day for her cut. She’s been so proud of it. Today it fell off. And through her own way, communicated that she wanted another bandaid (even though she didn’t need it.) I think she thinks its some ultra cool sticker or something.

5th –

“Did you have so much fun?” -Me to John

“There was a girl” – John
“What was her name?” – Me
“She took my ball.” – John
“She took you ball?  Did you share with her?”- Me
“Yeah. I run fast.” – John

8th – John started 3-day preschool!

9th – I love the sound of pitter-patter bringing contraband (aka cereal) into their room!

10th – Instead of using dolls or my little ponies in her dollhouse, she’s using cars!

11th – John read a book to Lydia tonight and even had her sit on his lap.

12th – The Daddy-tax on a Fruit Roll-Up is 60%.

14th – Lydia’s treasures: a plastic basket full of cars, band-aids on both elbows, and her sippy cup.

15th – Been working a lot and today was a 12 hour shift.

17th – I think I’m going to have to stock up on bandages. My kids are in that stage where bandages are the coolest things ever and can heal anything.

19th – John totally nudged me out of my own bed last night slowly creeping into and then completely taking over my spot.

22nd – Was so tired I literally almost fell asleep in the shower!

24th – I had to work until I put away all chairs, tables, cords, etc. So, Aaron brought the kids and helped me for a bit. When it was time to go John started crying and said, “I want to take mommy with me.”

25th – Took the kids to a 50% sale at a second-hand kid store and it ended up being an almost 3 hour ordeal, because of poor management and lack of integrity on the store’s side. The other mom’s called in the police and media… Lesson: Don’t get between a mama and her bargain shopping!

26th – John Caleb just chided Aaron, after my lunch-prayer, for not thanking God for our spoons

27th – Lydia’s a beauty queen in a parade of her own making as she sits in the car attached to the grocery cart waving and saying, “hi!” to every person we pass.

28th – “Peanut butter heart?! cheese?! grapes?! How ridiculous!” – John

29th – Individualities have started to emerge for the first time ever I served two different cereals to my kids.

30th – “Mommy I not 16, I 4.” – John

“You’re only four?”  – Me

“Yeah.” – John

“Do you think you should drive a car?” – Me

“Yeah, I’m thinking I want the keys.” – John

July 2010 in Review

1st – Got locked out of the house this morning and had to climb through a window to get back inside.

2nd – 4th  – Bear Lake camping trip which included flashlight wars, a “bicycle” built for four, the perfect roasted marshmallows and singing songs at the top of our lungs, kite flying, beach swimming, exploring, marveling at God’s beautiful creation, and just some really good family time.

4th – Sat for an hour on the grass outside of McDonald’s before we realized West Jordan set off their fireworks on the 3rd and not the 4th!

5th – Had fun helping the kids fill up their cups in a bucket so they could go splash daddy. Lydia would only walk a few steps, however, before she dumped the cup on the ground laughing.

7th – Got the lunch packed, the swimsuits ready, grabbed the towels, walked out the door to go to the splash park and realized Aaron had the car seats in his car, which was with him at work.

10th – Lydia said, “poo-poo.” So John checked her diaper and said, “No, you’re not poo poo.”

12th After John finishes his food he has started saying, “I can’t like it, mommy.”

15th – You know how if your food is hot you blow on it. Well, we got in the car today and Lyddie said, “Hot, mommy, hot.” And then she blew “on” the car.

16th – Lydia ate dirt at Family Camp…

17th – I painted Lydia’s toes for the first time and she was so excited to show off her pretty toes.

22nd – I love how the kids have started to come in our room and wake us up in the morning… but I have to admit that being jumped on, sat on, rolled on, elbowed, and hair pulled is a slightly violent way to wake up. 🙂

23rd – I gave the kids the beaters from the brownies I was making and had them sit at the table. A minute later I heard John sing, “We will we will chocolate you!”

28th – Aaron’s dad bought John Caleb a Nintendo. It arrived today and the first time Yoshi cracked through his egg John yelled, “DINOSAUR!!!”

29th – Anytime we loose Yoshi John yells, “Come back Koshi! Come back!”

31st – Aaron played with the kids in our $10 plastic pool. They love to splash, splash, splash, and Lydia loves to soak John with the hose.

June 2010 in Review

1st – I love how John says, “I can’t like it.” or “I can’t want it.”

2nd – John found an ant in our house, got it on his hand and showed it to me. “An ant! Mommy.” “It is an ant! Will you put it in the trash please.” To which I received a very perplexed looked from John, although he walked away and towards the trash can. Then he came back and said, “Can I put it outside, mommy?” “Absolutely.” Poor kid, just couldn’t understand why mommy wanted an ant to go in the trash.

3rd – Lydia sits on the potty as though she were the Queen of England sitting on her throne.

5th – I was in and out of sleep this morning and dream that my husband and I were having a big discussion. Then Aaron, talking in his sleep, said, “It’s ok we’ll figure it out.

6th – Lydia has started calling John, “Yeeyee”

7th – John calls his bathing suit his “baby suit.”

9th – Lydia can find a writing utensil as easily as the early bird finds the worm!

12th – John gets WAY enthusiastic when he finds his name in his “Jesus Book,” a.k.a the Bible.

14th – Sitting on the couch next to Aaron, snuggling a was-asleep-but-now-awake little 2-year-old girl, hearing, “I yuv you mommy”… this is the good life.

18th – Lydia’s version of the Barney theme song. “I love you. I. hug. mwa!”

19th – I bought some ice cream for dessert for Father’s Day today. When I asked the kids, separately, if they wanted mac and cheese for dinner, they both said, “No. Ice cream.”

20th – We had ice cream outside. John was playing, Aaron, Ryan, and I were talking and I thought Lydia was being awfully quiet. I turned around to see her pulling a spoon our of the caramel jar and licking with caramel all over her face and the table.

22nd – I found John and Lydia painting the bird houses I had gotten for Aaron for Father’s Day on our living room floor.

25th – Joined Aaron in Manti and had an enjoyable time meeting all my brothers and sisters in Christ.

26th – Was so exhausted I washed my hands before I went to the bathroom.

28th – John and Lydia were watched by a mom in the church while I was at youth retreat. John returned home with a new way of playing in the sprinklers… by walking backward into it and “sitting” on the sprinkler, laughing and laughing.

29th – The house John and Lyddie were at today had a dog… by the end of the day if the dog was laying down, John would pet him! (To all who have seen his freak out around animals you know what a big deal this is.)

30th – Returned home from youth retreat amazed at how well John was talking, when I finally got home opened the fridge, only to discover absolutely no milk in the house with my children about to revolt due to lack of milk. “Crap!” I sighed. To which John replied, “Don’t say that mommy!” Oops….

May 2010 in Review

4th – I took Lydia to Target to get her a new pair of summer shoes. Well, she knew exactly which shoes she wanted. And she wanted them on her feet NOW. She took off her brown shoes and put them on the shelf (several times, since I would take them off the shelf) The girl was determined to leave those brown shoes at the store and put the pretty white with colored flowers sandals on her feet for the ride home.

6th – John’s preschool planted flowers in Styrofoam cups for mother’s day. He got in the car and said, “Flower mommy!” “Wow! Bud that’s pretty.” To which he responded, “My flower. It’s mes” And Lydia’s sitting next to him grunting and yelling, “Mine! My Flower!” Miss Carla tried to get John to understand that he planted it for mommy… but alas, my mother’s day gift was claimed by both of my children.

7th – John sits with Aaron’s guitar strumming away singing, “I love pancakes. I love cookies. I love Lyddie.”

12th – Took the kids to the library to see Curious George 2. Had a great time as my kids held their stuffed Georges tight!

8th – Katrina came over for Birth Mother’s Day and John held out his hand toward her (picture Vanna White) and said, “What name is this?”

13th – John was done with dinner and getting down from the table showed us the fork and said, “trash.” and showed us the bowl and said, “sink.” After getting him to say, “May I be excused please?” We told him to put both the fork and bowl in the sink. As he walked towards the trash I said, “Sink! Sink! Sink! John!” With a whine and slumped shoulders he stood there. Lydia then said, “No! Sink!” hehehehe.

15th – Aaron had a conversation with Lydia:

Aaron: Lydia, I don’t want you to get married until you’re about 24 years old.

Lydia: Daaaaaddy!!!! (With surprised looked on her face.)

Aaron: But, I want you to go to a year of Bible School. And I’ll even pay for it.

Lydia: Eyebrows shoot up. “Alright.”

Aaron: I want you to find a godly man there that you can marry who loves God and will treat you well. Will you do that for daddy?

Lydia: Shakes head.

Aaron: Please, Lyddie, please find a godly man there to marry.

Lydia: Shakes head.

Aaron: Puppdog face, “Just cause I’m your daddy won’t you do that for me.”

Lydia: Shakes head.

16th – Lydia turned two!

– Aaron saw the $$$ add up when Lydia opened her present, which was shoes, and saw how happy she was over them. It suddenly hit him how expensive a teenage girl was going to be!

– While on the phone with a friend and trying to spell out a word I said, “P as in… um… uh… P as in poop?” She laughed and responded, “You definitely have a toddler!”

18th – Bought Lydia some big-girl underwear so that she could start potty training! — No more diapers here we come! (Hopefully!)

19th – Today we started potty training. We had received a little potty, so I took it out of the box and put it together. When it was finished, Lydia said, “poo-poo” pointing to the potty. I said “yes.” So, she sat down, tooted, stood up, put the lid down, did a little twirl, said, “poo-poo” “yes.” put the lid up, sat down, tooted, stood up, put the lid down, did a little twirl. She repeated this sequence at least 4 times.

– Just found John in the laundry room (with my laundry-room flip-flops on). I asked him, “What are you doing in here?” And he said, “I want to help.” I just about cried.

20th – Visited Wheeler Farm with John’s preschool class and John had a blast!

21st – I see something in Lyddie’s potty so I praise her and do a little dance and give her a piece of candy. When I returned to the potty to clean it out, I realized, that it was just grapes in the potty… not poop.

24th – My children got dressed in winter coats and played in the snow! Yes, snow, in our yard, that fell from the sky, at the end of May.

26th – At John’s t-ball game Aaron bribed John, “If you sit and play with your teammates we’ll get some ice cream.” A minute later we hear from another little boy, “Mommy! He said he gets ice cream!” Not even a minute later come the sounds of the ice cream truck… and off prance all of John’s teammates. Oops. Coach Eddie turned around, “Hey where’s my team?!” “Ice cream truck.”

28th – Went over to the Richards’ house tonight and they have a dog. At one point John started chasing the dog with David, but the dog circled around and got behind him and the squeals of delight turned into squeals of terror and back to squeals of delight once John was behind the dog again.

31st – I was pushing the kids in the swings and every time John saw a bird he would “jump” off the swing and chase the bird away.

April 2010 in Review

2nd – Freezing cold Easter egg hunt at Jumpin’ Jacks, but the kids had a blast and got a TON of eggs! 

4th – Enjoyed a white Easter with the Summer’s, the Richard’s, and Maggie.

5th – Lydia started singing, “Oh where is my hairbrush?!”

6th – John brought me a banana and I told him to share with Lydia and he said, “I share with me.”

7th – John learns to say “Shafovaloff

8th – Took John and Lydia to the dinosaur museum in Lehi. When we first entered the lobby John saw the dinosaur skeleton and said, “Dinosaur! It’s beautiful!” But when we entered the more dimly lit museum he was scared to death and didn’t stop clutching me. Poor kid.

9th – Enjoyed a shopping trip and day out with my mom.

10th – Took John and Lydia to the train museum in Ogden, they had a BLAST!

– John asked for my mom to read ONE more book, but then brought her ELEVEN!

11th –Listening to the squeals, laughter and screams of my kids playing in the nursery. It’s a good way to wake up!

15th – Apparently Lydia likes to be naked. Either that or stripping is her way of rebelling from being stuck in her crib!

16th – Lydia took her first nap in her big girl bed.

– Actually had to tell John, “Don’t cry over spilled milk!”

17th – John’s favorite new song is “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” but he likes to change the animals to zebras and lions, etc.

18th – While Aaron was putting the finishing touches on his sermon (he’s preaching down south this morning) and I was still in bed the children broke over a dozen eggs on the floor and into the trash. I kind of wish I could have seen what they were doing rather then simply finding the aftermath, which was Lydia sitting in eggcrying because she was slimy and couldn’t get up.

19th – John has learned puppydog faces from the master… Lydia!

20th – On the way to preschool, after John was counting to twenty-ten (more popularly known as thirty) the kids started making up songs and singing to and with each other.

22nd – As John has grown up and wanted to do things on his own he’d say, “I show ya. I show ya.” Well, this morning as I put Lydia in her car seat she wanted to do the buckle herself and so she said, “Ishowya Ishowya”

23th – So Lydia’s been sleeping in her big girl bed at night since Sunday, and it’s been a much less dramatic transition than it was for John. However, since Sunday they’ve woken up earlier than usual, and every morning John comes out and brings back cereal for them to part take in while they play in his room for a while.

24th – Had a great time at an awesome park with the Richards cooking hotdogs, hitting the baseball and playing duck-duck-goose!

26 – I know I brought in two bunches of bananas but can only find one. I’m somewhat concerned that my children have a secret stash somewhere.

27th – Enjoyed a field trip with John’s preschool to the Tracy Aviary. Although, at one point John was more interested in a water pump in the pond than the birds!

28th – Aaron informed me last night that while he was at Awana’s Bill told him something was hanging off of Lydia. Thinking it was a thread or something Aaron took a closer look… only to find that MY underwear had fallen to her ankles!