News for June

Things are going well out here in Utah! I now have only 2 1/2 weeks until the baby’s due. We’ve offically set up our crib and other baby items. We put the baby swing in our office and Aaron likes to turn the swing on while he’s working on the computer just because it reminds him of the baby coming. It’s so cute!

Aaron has now started a new job and is really enjoying it. He’s got a “monster-awesome computer” to work on, and he’s doing well with the project that they’ve given him. He’s also been able to get his new website up and running and has been promoting it at EFY (Especially For Youth, a Mormon youth camp), the Manti Pagaent, the skate park, and at the Orem parade.

I’ve finished up my time at Kiddie Kandids, and on my last day I took my last sitting that will qualify me for certification. I’m excited about it for maybe no other reason then I get more points, which means more free pictures. It was a good job, and I really enjoyed it, although working there during the third trimester makes it a hard job on your body.

On our last post we asked for prayer for a couple that we can become close friends with, and the Lord has been faithful to us and has provided that couple. We have enjoyed for the past few weeks getting to know Andy and Julie Bird, Christian evanglists who live in a southern Salt Lake City suburb.

We hope that you all are doing well!

Grace and Peace in Christ,
Stacie (and Aaron)

Please pray:
* For our house in Ohio to sell or rent before the baby comes.
* For the health of Stacie and the baby during pregnancy and that there will be no complications during labor.
* For the people in Utah that Aaron has been able to witness to, that the Lord will open their heart to the True Gospel.


Adjusting to Utah

So, we’ve been in Utah now for a month and a half. We’re beginning to get more and more settled into the area and life out west. The initial adjustment has been tough due to my continuing morning sickness. Now that I’m well into my second trimester, we both continually hope that I will not be sick as often and that it will go away completely. And that I’ll be able to begin cooking again! I have recently been hired at Kiddie Kadids and will soon start my training. I am really excited about the part-time job, it will help to get out of the apartment more and get to know others in the area. I’m also excited that I’ll be spending my time taking pictures! I also spent a week in Florida with my family. It was an absolute joy to see them and spend some time with them.

Aaron has been working non-stop for the past 3 or 4 weeks. He’s been going to work full-time and then coming home and spending his evenings and weekends working on the contract work that he received back in Ohio. He’s been working so hard, and we hope that the contract will be done shortly so that he will have more free time to do missionary work.

We’ve found a church that we both love, Lighthouse Baptist Church. It’s a brand new church plant, and so is very small, but the people are loving, caring and open. There’s no one in the congregation our age, but we still enjoy our brothers and sisters! I will begin serving in the nursery once a month in February. And Aaron has gone door-to-door sharing the gospel with the pastor, Matt. (Hopefully when the contract work is done, he will be able to do this more often.) Aaron is looking forward to the end of winter when outdoor evangelism will pick up momentum. Part of what we like about the church is that they are excited about evangelism to the people of Utah. And we hope and pray that God will bless the church with many, many converts!

Please pray for:

  • Stacie’s continuing bout with morning sickness
  • That the Lord blesses us with a healthy, full-term baby
  • Our house in Ohio to sell quickly
  • We will be settled into a townhouse of our own by Easter
  • That Aaron will finish his contract work soon
  • The development of
  • Us to cultivate continual habits of prayer and meditation upon God’s word
  • Us to be jealous for God to be glorified in Utah.
  • Us to love the people like Christ does.
  • A door to be clearly opened for mass, public evangelism.

Feel free to check out our family podcast as well as an interview Aaron had with Rob Sivulka, a missionary to Mormons.

Grace and peace in Christ!

Aaron and Stacie

We’re Having a Baby


Hello family and friends, welcome to our new monthly newsletters. We hope that you will enjoy coming here and reading an update about our lives each month, and my secret hope is that my friends would also think about doing the same thing!

Anyhow, our lives seem like they have been on a rollercoaster of sorts since October 31st. If you haven’t already heard, after six months of trying Aaron and I got the “pregnant” read-out on a Home Pregnancy Test! We were so thrilled with the news! We immediately got on the phone to our parents and siblings and made the phone calls, asking them to pray with us that God would keep our baby healthy through this rocky first 3 months. Please join us in this prayer. Our baby is due July 7, 2006. And I know I will be counting down the days until our precious gift arrives!

As Aaron looked for a job, we both had an overwhelming sense of peace that God would provide and take care of us. Very shortly after, God provided Aaron a contract job to work on. Throughout this period of time Aaron and I talked seriously about moving to Utah. It is something that Aaron has been itching for since he was in high school, and as I have grown to love Aaron in the past four years, I’ve also grown to love his calling to the Mormons. We decided that this was God nudging us to Utah almost a year earlier then we had planned, and a reminder that God is in control of our lives. So, Aaron began sending resumes to jobs in Utah. And then on Monday, November 14th Aaron was offered two jobs!!! Both seem like great opportunities and it was a hard decision to make. But I think we have settled on one that is located in Provo, UT.

With this job offer comes the overwhelming task of putting our house on the market, packing our house, and moving! Aaron will probably head to Utah sometime in December and then together we will move out there after the holidays. We have decided to rent an apartment for six months, giving us time to learn the area and decide where we would like to purchase our next home. We are both excited about this move, but I think that as we move on with the process of actually moving we will be overgrown with the sadness of leaving our friends in the Dayton area.

Please leave us comments letting us know that you’ve checked out the new website. Also let us know if your family has a blog that we can link to, or if you’d like to start one and don’t know how… I’ll convince Aaron to hook you up! ;]

Grace and Peace in Christ,

Aaron and Stacia


  • That we will carry a healthy baby full term
  • That Stacie’s all day morning sickness will get better quickly
  • That Aaron will enjoy his new job
  • That God will protect/lead us during this move and transition time
  • For the Mormons that we come into contact with, that God will soften their hearts toward the TRUE gospel.